Online Games Together Long Distance With Your Partner To Stay Harmonious

Online Games Together With Your Partner

Having a long-distance relationship is not easy. Apart from having to be good at maintaining trust and communication, you also have to be able to keep the relationship warm. Well, one of the activity ideas that can be done with your partner is to play online games together remotely.

There are many benefits to be gained when playing this game with your loved ones. Yes, rather than just chatting or video calling, playing games together offers more complex benefits in a long-distance relationship.

The Benefits of Playing Online Games with a Partner During LDR

As previously explained, playing online games with your partner is not only fun, but also has a good effect on your relationship. The benefits that can be obtained by both are as follows:

  • Can build good communication
  • Reducing the occurrence of fights between partners
  • Eliminate the boredom of both that often appears

Types of Online Games Both Remotely Playable

There are many types of long-distance online games that can be played by couples who are in LDR. Here are some game recommendations that you should try:

Game Hago


Who doesn’t know this one game? This game, which is also known as a game to find a mate, offers many interesting features in it. In addition to singles looking for a mate, even those of you who are already in a pair can play a variety of games on offer such as sheep fighting, throwing knives, and so on.

Players can also communicate via available chat rooms, including when the game is in progress players can still send messages to each other. Each game has different levels so it is very exciting to play. But before playing, make sure that the internet connection is stable.

Uno Card


This game is also very popular. Yes, if previously the UNO game still used a physical card, now you can switch to the application version. In this application, you will find a Wild Draw Four card. Having this card can make your opponent feel frustrated when playing.

Because with these cards, players cannot lower cards so the chances of winning are very small. In addition, the player who gets the highest number is declared a loser.

That is, each player must choose a matching partner in order to establish good cooperation. Teamwork is also an important point in this UNO game.

Rummy 41


This third game is one of the most played online games, especially now that it can be played online. So if you are in different places you can play rummy card games in one room.

Playing cards with your partner is a fun and exciting activity that can increase emotional bonds and strengthen the relationship between partners. You can try permainan kartu remi 41 at our recommended place.

Game Ludo


Ludo is a remote online game like Snakes and ladders. Even though it is in the form of an application, Ludo also provides dice as support. It’s just that in terms of design, Ludo and Snakes and ladders games are much different. On the design of the Snakes and Ladders board, a picture of a snake is included, but for Ludo, it’s just squares and circles. Its function is also to save chess games.

Apart from that, there are also 4 modes provided in the Ludo game. Players only need to choose the mode they want to play with friends. Because this game cannot be played alone, it is very suitable to be played with a partner. To find out the winner, it can be seen from who arrived first in the center circle.

Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends

Game recommendations that are suitable for playing with other girlfriends are Mobile Legends. By playing this game, you can immobilize the enemy together.

Apart from that, someone can also teach their partner to play this game and can use tank characters. Where this character is one of the easiest characters to play. The tank character is also very suitable for those of you who are beginners or your partner who is playing this game for the first time.

Meanwhile, your partner who is already proficient can use other characters with qualified skins. That way, the chances of winning the game are quite easy.

Let's get rich Online

Let’s Get Rich

This game is certainly quite popular among gamers. Because, here you are not only required to think fast, but also develop a mature strategy. Players will play Monopoly online together with a remote partner. But before that, players had to create a room for two and add a partner in the room.

The maps that have been provided to play are also very diverse, and the way to play them is also different. Interestingly, players can take advantage of the chat feature provided, so that games can be won more easily. Seeing these features, it won’t be boring if you play this game with your partner. Regarding the cartoon characters in the game, the developers are always updating.