Easily Recognized Lesbian Traits

Lesbian is a sexual disorder that likes the same sex, in this case is a woman. Many things can cause why a woman has a sexual orientation like this, ranging from a sense of trauma, the environment, and even the influence of association. Currently the development of lesbians is increasing, not only in other countries but also in Indonesia.

Of course this makes you restless with these conditions. Moreover, it is very difficult to recognize women who suffer from sexual disorders like this in public. For this reason, it is important for us to know the characteristics of lesbians that may be around us. Well, here are some of the characteristics of lesbians that you need to know.

1. Different Fashion Tastes

One of the characteristics of a lesbian that is easily visible is a different fashion style when compared to women in general. Lesbians usually have a pretty quirky style and fashion sense. For example, in hairstyles, usually hairstyles that are quite popular among lesbians are military-style short hair, undercut styles, or other short haircuts that are given a lot of gel.

Although not all women who have a haircut like this are lesbian, but about 80% are lesbians. This is because of his desire to behave tomboyish and like the style of clothing like men.

But now lesbians are not only synonymous with tomboyish appearances like men, even feminine women can also be lesbians. There are two types of lesbians, namely butchy and femme. If Butchy plays the role of a man (a woman with a rude and straightforward nature) then femme is likened to a woman.

2. Different Gestures

Not only in the choice of fashion style, the movements of lesbian women will be different from other normal women. For example, when they walk, their gait is similar to that of men. Sometimes they will bend down to hide their omelette, the footsteps are so fast, the smile is quite flirtatious, even happy to make eye contact. In addition, when talking to the interlocutor, especially women, they will try to sit too close and make unusual movements.

3. Cold and Ignorant To Men

Indeed, there are several types of women who have a cold and indifferent attitude towards men, especially those they are not familiar with. But the cold and indifferent attitude is different from that shown by lesbian women. Lesbians have a completely indifferent and cold attitude towards men, as if to show disinterest. Even his attitude showed hatred in his heart. This is because on average, lesbians have had a bad past with men so that the bitter memory is still stored and makes them suffer from sexual orientation disorders.

4. Have a Fairly Deep Closeness with Female Friends

Another characteristic that can be seen is when you have a deep enough closeness with other female friends. Although it is normal for women to be friends with other women, sometimes there are some things that show unnaturalness. For example, doing things that are more like touching certain body parts of his female friend or other things that are not common. If this is the case then it is certain that the woman is a lesbian.

5. Lifestyle

Some women who are lesbian may have a friendly and innocent character, but some of them are easy-going and love to go out in groups. In addition, there are also lesbian women who have a hedonistic lifestyle, so they like to spend money to meet their needs. In addition, they also enjoy things related to lesbians, such as movie characters, musicians, lesbian cities, and others.

6. Paying Too Much Attention to Female Friends

Another characteristic that can be easily seen is his excessive attitude and attention to other female friends. Try to pay attention to how you pay attention to female friends. If the kindness he has is too excessive and not like friends in general then you should suspect him. Usually, lesbian women often give something that is actually quite special when viewed from its ability.

7. Loves to Stare at Women for a Long Time

If women usually stare at men for a long time, it’s different with women who suffer from lesbians. Lesbian women often glance and even stare into other women for a long time. In fact, this attitude is not only done to female friends he knows, even women who pass by him too. This is due to feelings of liking for the same sex.

8. Don’t Feel Weird When You Kiss Other Women

Pay attention to his movements in social life, if the woman feels normal when hugging and even kissing other women in public then this could be a sign if the woman has a sexual orientation disorder. But you also don’t be too quick to conclude, it takes a deeper investigation regarding this.

9. Possessive If Someone Else Approaches His Girlfriend

This may be done for lesbian women who play butchy, but does not demand the possibility that femme will also act like that. Lesbian women are often possessive when their closest female friends are approached by other people. This is not because of fear of not being able to play together again, but fear of losing you in his life. Especially if he is already very interested in you.

10. The Conversation Always Goes to Things About Same-sex Lovers

Try to pay attention to what topics are often discussed by women, certainly not far from make-up, fashion, and the like. But for lesbian women, the topic of conversation that is often done is not far from lesbians or same-sex lovers. His speaking style also tends to be more pro to gender equality. In addition, when talking, they will move a lot and tend to be expressive when talking about these things.

12. Looks Intimate Like a Couple in General

If you meet a female partner who clearly shows his intimacy in public though, of course this is a question in your head. Lesbi women will not hesitate to show their intimacy like other normal couples in general. For example, physical contact, such as hugging, embracing, stroking, even kissing can be done in public places though.