The 5 Richest LGBT Entrepreneurs in The World

2015 Be the year for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) around the world to show their existence. Starting from the decision of the United States Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage in 50 states last June, to the prominence of LGBT people in the business world.

LGBT networking group OUTstanding has released a list of the world’s most influential LGBT executives. This group shows that they want to break the notion that LGBT people are unable to open up to the outside world and achieve success in the business world.

“They come as an inspiration to anyone who is afraid that they will have to be cooped up at work and take away their valuable efforts by losing their true identity,” said Suki Sandhu, Chief Executive of OUTstanding as reported by Business Insider Indonesia.

Currently, will summarize some of the richest LGBT entrepreneurs in the world. As reported by the Worders List, the following are the richest businessmen in the world who are members of the LGBT group.

David Geffen

David Geffen

David Geffen is currently the most influential and richest gay man in the world. Geffen is the owner of Geffen Records and Asylum. Geffen is also a co-founder of production house DreamWorks.

A number of Geffen’s wealth, one of which comes from the ownership of Apple shares worth USD 1 billion. With an average wealth of USD 7 billion, it is no wonder that Geffen is the richest gay person in the world.

Jon Stryker

Jon Stryker

Jon Stryker is an architect and heir to the Stryker Corporation. The company founded by his grandfather in 1980 is engaged in the medical field.

Under his leadership, Stryker Corps was able to record sales reaching USD 9 billion. Its sales include medical devices and software worldwide. His net worth is recorded at USD 1.8 billion.

Jennifer Pritzker

Jennifer Pritzker

Jennifer Pritzker is transgender. Jennifer became one of the richest families in the United States because of her hotel business, the Hyatt.

Jennifer was a former US Army soldier. He decided to change his gender in 2013. His wealth so far is estimated at USD 1.5 billion.

Photo Domenico Dolce

Domenico Dolce

Domenico Dolce is the founder and owner of one of the world’s leading fashion brands Dolce&Gabbana. Dolce is gay and he doesn’t hesitate to reveal it to the public.

Dolce’s wealth has so far been recorded at USD 1.5 billion.

Stefano Gabbana

Stefano Gabbana

Stefano Gabbana was Domenico Dolce’s partner in forming the Dolce&Gabbana brand. Dolce&Gabbana has penetrated the world’s clothing and accessories business since 1980. The current value of Dolce&Gabbana is estimated at USD 5 billion.

Like her partner, Gabbana also doesn’t hesitate to reveal her sexual identity to the public. Gabbana’s net worth is currently estimated at USD 1.3 billion.

What is Bisexual?

Have you ever heard the term ‘bisexual’? Bisexual is a type of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) sexual orientation group.

Using the word ‘bi’ which means two, bisexual is a condition of someone who has emotional and sexual attraction to more than one gender or gender. Both for those who have the same gender (homosexual) or with a different gender (heterosexual).

Come on, let’s see more about what bisexuality is!

Bisexual: Not a Mental Disorder

Bisexual itself was originally a term coined by a neurologist Charles Gilbert Chaddock in 1892. This term was used by Charles referring to the translation of Psychopathia Sexualis by Richard von Krafft Ebing to describe the condition of sexual attraction in both men and women. However, in this condition even in the decade of a century, bisexual sexual orientation is still seen as a sexually deviant condition and is treated with various treatment efforts that are far from the norm of humanity.

The shift in views towards bisexual orientation began in 1948 through research conducted by Alfred Kinsey, a behavioral scientist who stated that the conditions of sexuality and sexual attraction could not be grouped only through two polarized binary boxes. According to Kinsey, through the Kinsey scale, sexual orientation is both a continuum and a spectrum. The discovery that the average individual has a sexual orientation in the middle of a continuum or spectrum led Kinsey to believe that there is a bisexual orientation.

Prior to 1973, bisexual conditions and various sexual orientations including LGBT groups were included in the group of mental disorders defined by the American Psychological Association (APA). After going through various developments and further research, in 1973, the APA through the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM) III no longer included homosexuality and other sexual orientations as a mental disorder. This is a diagnostic guideline for all practitioners of psychology in the world, including in Indonesia. Through the Guidelines for Classification and Diagnosis of Mental Disorders (PPDGJ) II in 1983, homosexuals and other orientations are no longer categorized as mental disorders.

Bisexuals and People at Risk for Mental Disorders (ODMK)

Although bisexual and various other sexual orientation groups are no longer included in the classification of mental disorders, PPDGJ groups them into People at Risk for Mental Disorders (ODMK). Through Law no. 18 of 2014 concerning Mental Health, ODMK is defined as a condition experienced by a person who has physical, mental, social, growth and development problems and/or quality of life so that he has a risk of mental disorders.

ODMK is different from a diagnosis condition or known as People With Mental Disorders (ODGJ). The classification of bisexual conditions and other LGBT groups in the ODMK classification is not mentioned for the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders but rather places a person as a group at risk. This condition is the same as someone who experiences poverty or conditions of natural disasters.

The presence of various stigmas and rejections makes bisexual and LGBT groups vulnerable to psychological disorders. A study says, a bisexual has a higher risk for depression and anxiety compared to other sexual orientations because of rejection or conditions that place a bisexual person to cover up his sexual orientation.

Causes of Bisexual

Bisexual as a sexual orientation with more than one gender does not necessarily make a bisexual divide themselves with equal interest in both the same gender (homosexual) and with a different gender (heterosexual).

Bisexuals can have different interests and don’t always have the same portion of the condition. For example, a bisexual man may be more attracted to women even though he is also attracted to men. This is unique in the condition of bisexual orientation.

Until now, various studies on the causes of a person to be bisexual are still growing. There are various kinds of research on the causes of LGBT sexual orientation. Some of them mention the condition of prenatal hormones to the view that related to sexual orientation as a social construction is still the pros and cons associated with a person’s sexual orientation.

Getting to Know Pansexual

Talking about bisexual, there is another term that describes the sexual attraction experienced by someone who is not limited by gender, namely pansexual. Bisexual is a term used to identify the sexual orientation of more than one gender, either the same gender (homosexual) or a different gender (heterosexual). Meanwhile, in this case, pansexuals use the prefix ‘pan’ which means ‘all’ to refer to the condition of a person who can be sexually attracted to all conditions, not limited to gender.

A bisexual can be sexually and emotionally attracted to a gender classified as male, female, or non-binary (does not identify any gender). But in this case, pansexuals do not use gender preferences at all, but on the basis of their personal interests, such as emotional attraction, appearance to personality. So in this case the condition of a bisexual can often intersect with pansexuality.

Contact Professional

Apart from the beliefs that LGBT people have regarding their sexual orientation, the condition of Bisexuality is a sexual orientation that is still attached to various stigmas that exist in society. This condition makes bisexuals more likely to hide their sexual identity and orientation which puts them at risk such as experiencing various pressures and uncomfortable feelings.

This can have an impact on the mental and psychological health of a person with a bisexual sexual orientation. If you experience this condition, you can seek professional help such as a psychologist to help you. The psychology campus also urges not to stigmatize or discriminate against other individuals, including with regard to their sexual orientation.

Easily Recognized Lesbian Traits

Lesbian is a sexual disorder that likes the same sex, in this case is a woman. Many things can cause why a woman has a sexual orientation like this, ranging from a sense of trauma, the environment, and even the influence of association. Currently the development of lesbians is increasing, not only in other countries but also in Indonesia.

Of course this makes you restless with these conditions. Moreover, it is very difficult to recognize women who suffer from sexual disorders like this in public. For this reason, it is important for us to know the characteristics of lesbians that may be around us. Well, here are some of the characteristics of lesbians that you need to know.

1. Different Fashion Tastes

One of the characteristics of a lesbian that is easily visible is a different fashion style when compared to women in general. Lesbians usually have a pretty quirky style and fashion sense. For example, in hairstyles, usually hairstyles that are quite popular among lesbians are military-style short hair, undercut styles, or other short haircuts that are given a lot of gel.

Although not all women who have a haircut like this are lesbian, but about 80% are lesbians. This is because of his desire to behave tomboyish and like the style of clothing like men.

But now lesbians are not only synonymous with tomboyish appearances like men, even feminine women can also be lesbians. There are two types of lesbians, namely butchy and femme. If Butchy plays the role of a man (a woman with a rude and straightforward nature) then femme is likened to a woman.

2. Different Gestures

Not only in the choice of fashion style, the movements of lesbian women will be different from other normal women. For example, when they walk, their gait is similar to that of men. Sometimes they will bend down to hide their omelette, the footsteps are so fast, the smile is quite flirtatious, even happy to make eye contact. In addition, when talking to the interlocutor, especially women, they will try to sit too close and make unusual movements.

3. Cold and Ignorant To Men

Indeed, there are several types of women who have a cold and indifferent attitude towards men, especially those they are not familiar with. But the cold and indifferent attitude is different from that shown by lesbian women. Lesbians have a completely indifferent and cold attitude towards men, as if to show disinterest. Even his attitude showed hatred in his heart. This is because on average, lesbians have had a bad past with men so that the bitter memory is still stored and makes them suffer from sexual orientation disorders.

4. Have a Fairly Deep Closeness with Female Friends

Another characteristic that can be seen is when you have a deep enough closeness with other female friends. Although it is normal for women to be friends with other women, sometimes there are some things that show unnaturalness. For example, doing things that are more like touching certain body parts of his female friend or other things that are not common. If this is the case then it is certain that the woman is a lesbian.

5. Lifestyle

Some women who are lesbian may have a friendly and innocent character, but some of them are easy-going and love to go out in groups. In addition, there are also lesbian women who have a hedonistic lifestyle, so they like to spend money to meet their needs. In addition, they also enjoy things related to lesbians, such as movie characters, musicians, lesbian cities, and others.

6. Paying Too Much Attention to Female Friends

Another characteristic that can be easily seen is his excessive attitude and attention to other female friends. Try to pay attention to how you pay attention to female friends. If the kindness he has is too excessive and not like friends in general then you should suspect him. Usually, lesbian women often give something that is actually quite special when viewed from its ability.

7. Loves to Stare at Women for a Long Time

If women usually stare at men for a long time, it’s different with women who suffer from lesbians. Lesbian women often glance and even stare into other women for a long time. In fact, this attitude is not only done to female friends he knows, even women who pass by him too. This is due to feelings of liking for the same sex.

8. Don’t Feel Weird When You Kiss Other Women

Pay attention to his movements in social life, if the woman feels normal when hugging and even kissing other women in public then this could be a sign if the woman has a sexual orientation disorder. But you also don’t be too quick to conclude, it takes a deeper investigation regarding this.

9. Possessive If Someone Else Approaches His Girlfriend

This may be done for lesbian women who play butchy, but does not demand the possibility that femme will also act like that. Lesbian women are often possessive when their closest female friends are approached by other people. This is not because of fear of not being able to play together again, but fear of losing you in his life. Especially if he is already very interested in you.

10. The Conversation Always Goes to Things About Same-sex Lovers

Try to pay attention to what topics are often discussed by women, certainly not far from make-up, fashion, and the like. But for lesbian women, the topic of conversation that is often done is not far from lesbians or same-sex lovers. His speaking style also tends to be more pro to gender equality. In addition, when talking, they will move a lot and tend to be expressive when talking about these things.

12. Looks Intimate Like a Couple in General

If you meet a female partner who clearly shows his intimacy in public though, of course this is a question in your head. Lesbi women will not hesitate to show their intimacy like other normal couples in general. For example, physical contact, such as hugging, embracing, stroking, even kissing can be done in public places though.

15 Characteristics of Homosexuals that are Easily Recognized

Homosexuality is a disorder used in people who have a personal, emotional, and sexual attraction to other people of the same sex as that person. What is meant by emotional, is an interest in someone who uses feelings. While sexual is an attraction that is related to sex or sexual orientation.

In America itself, cases of sexual orientation disorders like this are really criticized for violating existing state and religious regulations. Many things can cause homosexuality to be suffered by someone. Starting from the environment, biology, hormonal, emotional, and others. Everyone is influenced by their different backgrounds. Here are the characteristics of homosexuals that you may notice.

1. Preening

The first characteristic of a man who has a homosexual disorder is that you can see it from his habit of preening. Gay men will often pay attention to their appearance, even look excessive unlike men in general. If you want to travel out of the house, usually the man will spend hours preening. Starting from a collection of clothes, shoes, to facial treatments, there will be more than women in general. (Also read: Environmental Psychology)

2. Favorite TV Show

You can tell whether the man is homosexual or not from the TV shows he sees. Gay men will love TV shows related to women, from beauty, make-up, fashion shows, infotainment, even to women’s award contests.

3. Eyesight

While in place, try to pay attention to the look in the man’s eyes. A normal man would often glance at him whenever a beautiful woman passed by. But unlike gay men, he prefers to pay attention to handsome men who pass by around him. If this happens to your friend or relative, then it is likely that he is more attracted to men than women.

4. Always Maintain Body Shape

Having an athletic body shape is very important for homosexual men, for that he will always try to maintain his physique and body shape in order to stay well maintained. For them, the muscles they have are the same as women who always take care of some prominent body parts such as breasts. So that the bigger the muscles that his body has, the more confident he will be with his appearance. So the reason for keeping his body in shape is not because of health, but to support his appearance.

5. Keeping Your Distance from Women

Men who suffer from homosexuals will try to avoid being close to women, even tend to ignore women more. Even if the woman was truly beautiful and charming, it would have no effect on him. He would be happier if he was close to his gay friends compared to beautiful women.

6. Pay Attention to Gestures and Attitudes

You can see other characteristics in the gesture and attitude of the man. Most gay men, often have a rather graceful body like women in general. Although his body shape is quite athletic, his gesture and attitude are still unavoidable. For example, the habit of raising your little finger every time you do something, whether eating, drinking, or even falling asleep. You can also pay attention to the way he walks, which is quite swaying like a woman.

7. Happy Shopping

Not only like fitness activities, homosexual men often have a hobby of shopping which is sometimes too much. Starting from clothes, kitchen necessities, to cosmetics though. Most gay men will choose clothes with well-known brands or brands. In fact, he is always up to date with the latest branded info.

8. Types of Movies He Watched

Other characteristics you can notice from the type of film that is often watched. Gay men will love romantic movies, even about censorship. Gay men have feelings and hearts that are just as sensitive as women. So that he can also easily get carried away when he is watching sad movies though.

9. Have a Shady Face with a Shady Gaze

Gay men, often have a shady face and gaze, don’t even look like they have a burden in their life. It is indeed an obligation for gay men to be able to attract other male partners. Gay men also often have sharp and deep eyes on the man they like.

10. Always Smell

Gay men have a habit of keeping their bodies smelling good, even personal hygiene is the most important thing for them. So they don’t mind at all if they have to buy a classy perfume at a fairly expensive price, all of that is done in order to keep the body smelling good.

11. Likes to Wear Tights

If most men generally use loose and comfortable T-shirts, in contrast to homosexual men who often use clothes that are quite tight. This aims to show the shape of the body that has been trained during fitness so that it can attract the attention of other men around him.

12. Often Compliments Other Men

If men generally like to compliment the women around them, this is the exact opposite of homosexual men. He would be happier complimenting other men, even without realizing it. Whether it’s artists, musicians, soccer players, even male friends who are around him also do not escape his praise. Even his praise was impressed from the bottom of his heart. If a man walks around her and feels that this man is her type, then she will pay close and deep attention to the man.

13. Using Makeup

If her job does lead her to appear wearing makeup, maybe this reason still makes sense. But even if it’s time to relax, the man still often uses makeup, even though it’s thin, of course, it’s something you should ask. Whether it’s using blush, colored lip balm, and others. There will be no normal man who uses any form of makeup when approaching the woman he likes.

14. Intimate with His Male Friends

Pay attention to the way he interacts with his fellow boys. His friendship style is usually like that of a woman. They can hug, kiss the right and left cheeks. Although normal men can also do it, every woman, can definitely read from her gestures.

15. Invite to a Gay Men’s Club or Community

The worst thing that really indicates that the man is gay is that he suddenly surprises you by traveling to a place you didn’t know before and when you get there, it turns out that the place is filled with many men in pairs. If you ask him, he’s probably pretending not to know. If this is the case, it is certain that the man has a homosexual disorder.

So, those were some of the characteristics of homosexuals that can be seen, of course, homosexuals can still be handled and cured. This requires full support from family and closest friends so that the healing process can run. Hopefully, the above information is useful for you.