5 Love Languages: What’s Your Type of Love Language?

5 Love Languages

Talking about love is a complex emotion and quite difficult to understand. Many people find it difficult to understand and realize love. If this happens, it can become a problem in good relations with parents, children, or partners.

Everyone has their own language for expressing love. This is what you need to know in a relationship. What’s the right way to show that love? Check out the following explanation.

Explanation of the 5 Languages of Love

Gary Chapman, a counselor who is an expert in the field of marriage, realizes that basically, every human being has his own way of expressing love. But unfortunately, many people don’t know this and become the root of the problem in relationships.

Based on research conducted by Gary Chapman, he found that there are 5 ways to show love or it is called Love Language. Everyone has one primary love language.

Here are 5 types of love languages:

Word of Affirmation

Affirmative words represent forms of love with supportive and constructive compliments. Someone with this love language will feel loved if they hear sincere and appreciative words. The speech is expressed through verbal or written messages.

Not only saying “I love you” to show I love you, but there are many examples such as:

“Thank you for accompanying me today”

“I’m proud of you”

“You are so cool with your business”

“You can definitely get through all of this really”

For someone who likes poetry or beautiful sentences, he will feel loved if he hears or reads sentences that are poetic and have deep meaning.

Quality Time

Quality Time

The language of love for quality time is to spend and spend quality time. Someone with this love language likes to do activities together without any distractions from work, gadgets or other people. The activities carried out must also be meaningful.

Examples of quality time are sightseeing, dinner, holidays, watching movies and so on. Just doing activities at home can be said to be quality time if it is free from distractions. For someone who is very busy, it will be a challenge to make time.

Or you can invite your partner to watch a soccer game. Ask him to observe the matches, the history of previous matches and the condition of the players. Then try playing online soccer betting on a trusted Sbobet site, install your favorite team, and guess the score. If you are lucky and your guess is right, then you will get some money. Which later you can use for traveling with your partner. Interesting right?

Receiving Gifts

Getting gifts is certainly fun. For someone who has the language of love, receiving gifts interprets this action as a form of caring and affection. He will feel touched by the attention he gets through a gift.

Don’t think of someone with this love language as a material person. They don’t see gifts in terms of luxury but rather someone’s efforts in giving gifts. This does not mean that you have to give branded bags, the latest mobile phones or concert tickets, but rather give simple items such as food, drinks and so on.

Acts of Service

This love language is shown by taking a real action. Actions must be carried out wholeheartedly and seriously. Someone with the language of love acts of service feels happy if there is help to lighten their task.

An example of an acs of service love language is setting up lights, lifting gallons, caring for a partner when sick, helping to cook and so on. If you are confused about your partner’s needs, you can ask what can be helped. On the other hand, if you have this love language then you better let me know.

Physical Touch

People with the love language of physical touch enjoy physical touch. Keep in mind that there are personal areas so there needs to be a shared consensus. Touch must be given without coercion and full of love.

Examples of physical touch are hugging, holding hands, giving kisses, and so on. Holding your partner while crossing the street makes you feel loved and protected. He will feel special if there is a touch full of love.

Why is it Necessary to Know The Language of Love?

Expressing love by saying “I love you” sometimes feels lacking and not satisfied. The emotion of love can be shown in various ways. The 5 languages of love make it easier for individuals to convey and express emotions appropriately.

Basically, everyone has preferences in showing the emotion of love. But unfortunately, many people do not know the language of love, so ilfeel or fights often occur.

There was an incident where a man and a woman were approaching. The woman felt uneasy because she was taken while walking in the mall. For men, holding hands is a representation of affection.

Another story of a pair of lovers named Dinda and Bobi. Dinda was annoyed because since Bobi worked there was no free time. But Bobi, he has given what Dinda wants by sending food.

Lack of awareness of the language of love is the root of problems in relationships. Through the language of love, you understand what actions can make your partner happy. It will be easier if you have the same love language. But for those who have a different love language, you need to compromise with your partner.