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Community Service and Social Responsibility

Several philanthropic organizations and humanitarian foundations have been formed to advance important community causes relevant to LGBT issues and concerns. Through grants, scholarships, donations, and other funding, these organizations seek to increase community service involvement and social responsibility.


Through charitable giving and active volunteerism, important causes can be addressed and critical problems can be solved. Examples of humanitarian efforts include scholarships for LGBT students, foundation funding for LGBT projects, marches for political action, and fundraising events for AIDS/HIV and other serious concerns.



Funders for LGBTQ Issues
Point Foundation: National LGBT Scholarship Fund
True Colors Fund
LGBT Giving Network
Rainbow World Fund

Community One Foundation
Horizons Foundation
Arcus Foundation
Gill Foundation: Advocates for LGBT Equality
Financial Aid for LGBT Students

LGBT Community Service


In communities throughout the country, LGBT philanthropic groups are providing services to their local neighborhoods and contributing to society. These groups sponsor programs, recruit volunteers, and offer support to members of the local community. Below is a sample of LGBT Community Centers in various cities.




LGBT Community Center in New York City
LGBT Community Center in Cleveland
LGBT Center of Orange County California
Gay & Lesbian Center of Los Angeles
The Loft LGBT Center in NY State
Colorado LGBT Center
Center on Halstead: LGBT Center in Chicago
Community Link: Fresno LGBT Community Center
LGBT Community Service in Manhattan


LGBT Scholarships


Point Foundation
Pride Foundation
Human Rights Campaign LGBTQ Scholarship Database
Lend Edu LGBTQ Scholarships
Fin Aid Guide to LGBTQ Scholarships
Fast Web List of LGBTQ Scholarships
Campus Pride LGBTQ Scholarship Database
College Scholarships for LGBTQ Students
Student Debt Relief


Project Life Vest


In April 2010, Derrick Martin, a gay teen from Cochran, Georgia, was asked to leave home after publicity surrounding his decision to take his boyfriend to the high school prom. Today, Martin launched Project Life Vest to help other LGBT people in similar situations.



States the new group's website: "Our mission is simple: 'To be a helping hand, a life vest, to as many LGBTQ teens and adults as possible. We will carry out this mission through the establishment of safe places in as many cities as possible; through opening a call center with a qualified and well-educated and experienced team of counselors who can give advice and guidance where needed; through finding qualified and screened families who can, if the need arises, host rejected teens while they finish schooling or find a new place.'"


Martin is founder and president of the new organization. In a personal statement on the website, Martin reflects on the trauma that came from his decision to take his boyfriend to prom in the small Georgia town and the ensuing international media attention.




GA Voice: Gay Teen Launches Life Vest Project
Gay Georgia Teen Takes Boyfriend to Prom
Advocate: Georgia Teen Talks About His Prom Fight
Macon School Officials Allow Gay Prom Date

Bilerico: Derrick Martin Helping Other LGBTQ Youth



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