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Famous LGBTQ People

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer people have existed in every time period in history, in every culture, in every segment of society, in every walk of life. They are represented in every race, religion, and political affiliation. LGBTQ people are active in their communities. They serve in important leadership roles. They are teachers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, musicians, and artists. They have made, and continue to make, great contributions in all areas of society, including literature, the arts, entertainment, athletics, religion, education, business, finance, law, science, medicine, government, politics, and the military.

Ancient Times

Plato / Greek Philosopher

Socrates / Greek Philosopher
Sappho / Greek Woman Poet
Aristotle / Greek Philosopher


Michelangelo / Italian Artist
Leonardo Da Vinci / Italian Artist and Scientist
Christopher Marlowe / British Playwright

Virgil / Roman Poet


Alexander the Great / Macedonian Ruler
Peter the Great / Russian Czar
Frederick the Great / King of Prussia

Hadrian / Roman Emperor

David / King of Israel



Francis Bacon / British Statesman, Author
TE Lawrence / British Soldier, Author
Lord Byron / English Poet
Walt Whitman / US Poet, Author
Oscar Wilde / Irish Author
Marcel Proust / French Author
Gertrude Stein / US Poet, Author
Alice B Toklas / US Author
James Baldwin / US Author
Herman Melville / US Author
Willa Cather / US Author
Langston Hughes / US Author
EM Forster / British Author
Hans Christian Andersen / Danish Author
Ralph Waldo Emerson / US Author

Alice Walker / US Writer (The Color Purple)
Virginia Woolf / English Author
Tennessee Williams / US Playwright
Rainer Maria Rilke / German Poet
Edward Albee / US Playwright
Armistead Maupin / US Writer
Rita Mae Brown / US Novelist

Mary Oliver / US Poet
Gore Vidal / US Novelist
Allen Ginsberg / US Poet
WH Auden / English Poet
Truman Capote / US Writer
Maurice Sendak / US Writer
PL Travers / British Writer (Mary Poppins)



Katherine Lee Bates / US Songwriter (America the Beautiful)
Cole Porter / US Composer
Leonard Bernstein / US Composer
Peter Tchaikovsky / Russian Composer
Dave Koz / US Jazz Musician
Melissa Etheridge / US Rock Star
Amy Ray & Emily Saliers / US Musicians (Indigo Girls)
Elton John / British Rock Star
Janis Joplin / US Singer
George Michael / English Pop Star
Boy George / British Pop Star
David Bowie / British Musician

Ani DiFranco / US Musician
Brian Epstein / English Manager for the Beatles
David Geffen / US Music Producer
Brandon Stansell / US Musician (Country Music)

Liberace / US Pianist, Entertainer
Michael Stipe / US Rock Star (Lead Singer of REM)
Joan Baez / US Musician
Cameron Hawthorn / US Musician (Country Music)

Tracy Chapman / US Musician
KD Lang / US Musician
Rufus Wainwright / US Musician
Lance Bass / US Pop Star (N'Sync)
Brandi Carlisle / US Musician
Clay Aiken / US Musician (American Idol)
Chely Wright / US Musician (Country Music)
Ricky Martin / US Pop Star

Barry Manilow / US Pop Star



Rudolf Nuryev / Russian Ballet Dancer
Andy Warhol / US Artist
Keith Haring / US Painter
Annie Leibovitz / US Photographer
Tommy Tune / US Tap Dancer, Broadway Star
Frida Kahlo / Mexican Painter
Robert Mapplethorpe / US Photographer
Josephine Baker / US Dancer
Isadora Duncan / US Dancer
Bronislava Nijinska / Russian Dancer
Vaslav Nijinsky / Russian Dancer
Isaac Mizrahi / US Fashion Designer
Nate Berkus / US Interior Designer


IMDB: Famous LGBTQ Celebrities

List: Notable Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People

Great Queers of History: Parts 1, 2, 3

Listal: Gay and Lesbian Celebrities

Huff Post: Queer Celebrities




Tim Cook / CEO of Apple Computers

John Browne / CEO of BP Oil

Beth Ford / CEO of Land O' Lakes

Alan Joyce / CEO of Qantas Airlines

Robert Hanson / CEO of American Eagle Outfitters

Inga Beale / CEO of Lloyd's of London

Joseph Evangelisti / CEO of JP Morgan Chase

Antonio Simoes / CEO of HSBC Bank

Peter Thiel / Co-Founder of PayPal

Louis Vega / Senior Executive at Dow Chemical

Alex Schultz / VP of Facebook

Claudia Brind-Woody / VP at IBM

Beth Brook-Marciniak / VP at Ernst & Young

Deirdre McCloskey / Professor of Economics

John Maynard Keynes / Economist

Suze Orman / Financial Expert

David Rae / Financial Expert



Eleanor Roosevelt / US First Lady
Harvey Milk / US Politician
Roberta Achtenburg / US Politician
Barney Frank / US Congressman (MA)
Gerry Studds / US Congressman (MA)
Steve Gunderson / US Congressman (WI)
J Edgar Hoover / US Director of the FBI
Dag Hammerskjold / Swedish UN Secretary
Patricia Todd / Alabama Legislator
Tammy Baldwin / US Congresswomen (WI)
Deval Patrick / Massachusetts Governor

Jim Kolbe / US Congressman (AZ)
Jared Polis / US Congressman (CO)
Mark Takano / US Congressman (CA)
Jim McGreevey / New Jersey Governor
Sam Adams / Portland OR Mayor
Annise Parker / Houston TX Mayor

Lori Lightfoot / Chicago IL Mayor
David Cicilline / Providence RI Mayor
David Young / Judge


Gene Robinson / Episcopal Bishop
Mel White / President, Founder of SoulForce

Denise Eger / Reformed Jewish Rabbi

Troy Perry / Founder of Metropolitan Community Church

Horace Griffin / Episcopal Priest, Theologian

IMDB: Famous LGBTQ Celebrities

List: Notable Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People

Great Queers of History: Parts 1, 2, 3

Listal: Gay and Lesbian Celebrities

Huff Post: Queer Celebrities



Tammy Smith / US Army General
Reichen Lehmkuhl / US Air Force Officer
Gary Ross / US Navy Officer
Dan Choi / US Army Officer

Kristin Beck / US Navy Seal


Bayard Rustin / US Civil Rights Activist w MLK
Angela Davis / US Political Activist
Candace Gingrich / US Gay Rights Activist
Kate Kendell / NCLR Executive Director
Ruth Ellis / US Civil Rights Activist (1899-2000)
Susan B. Anthony / US Women's Suffrage Activist
Sarah McBride / US Trans Rights Activist



Martina Navratilova / US Tennis Player
Greg Louganis / US Olympic Swimmer
Billie Jean King / US Tennis Player
Sheryl Swoopes / US WNBA Basketball Player
Jason Collins / US NBA Basketball Player
Michael Sam / US NFL Football Player
Brian Boitano / US Olympic Figure Skater
Esera Tuaolo / US NFL Football Player
John Amaechi / US NBA Basketball Player
Orlando Cruz / Puerto Rican Boxer
Elena Delle Donne / US WNBA Basketball Player

Tom Daily / British Olympic Diver
Brittany Griner / US WNBA Basketball Player
Abby Wamback / Olympic Soccer Player
Belle Brockhoff / US Olympic Snowboarder
Caitlyn Jenner / US Olympic Runner

Adam Rippon / US Olympic Skater

Gus Kenworthy - US Olympic Skier

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Alfred Kinsey / Researcher, Father of Sexology (1894-1956)
Magnus Hirschfeld / German Physician, Sexologist (1868-1935)
Alan Turing / British Mathematician (1912-1954)
Michael Foucault / French Philosopher, Sociologist, Educator (1926-1984)
Deirdre McCloskey / Economist, Economic Historian
Sally Ride / American Physicist, Astronaut (1951-2012)


Rachel Maddow / US News Commentator (MSNBC)
Anderson Cooper / US Newscaster (CNN)
Michael Musto / US Journalist (Village Voice)

Don Lemon / US News Anchor (CNN)
Sam Champion / US TV Weatherman (Good Morning America)
Robin Roberts / US Talk Show Host (Good Morning America)

Graham Norton / British Talk Show Host (BBC)
Stephanie Miller / US Talk Show Host
Janet Mock / US Magazine Editor (People)
Shepard Smith / US Newscaster (FOX News)

Ari Shapiro / US Radio Newscaster (NPR News)

Andy Cohen / US Talk Show Host

Jenna Wolfe / US TV Journalist (Today Show)

Lilly Singh / Canadian Comedian and Talk Show Host




James Dean / US Film Actor
Montgomery Clift / US Film Actor
Rock Hudson / US Film Actor
Tab Hunter / US Film Actor
Merv Griffin / US TV Personality, Producer

Ellen Degeneres / US Actor, Comedian
Lily Tomlin / US Actor, Comedian
BD Wong / US Actor
Margaret Cho / US Comedian
Rosie O'Donnell / US Comedian, Actor
Suzanne Westenhofer / US Comedian
Sandra Bernhardt / US Comedian, Actress
Siegfried and Roy / US Entertainers
Dick Sargent / US Television Actor (2nd Darrin on Bewitched)
Robert Reed / US Television Actor (Mike Brady on Brady Bunch)
John Waters / US Film Maker
Portia de Rossi / US Television Actor
Jodie Foster / US Film Actor, Director
Rupert Everett / British Actor
David Hyde Pierce / US Television Actor
Graham Chapman / British Actor (Monty Python)
Richard Chamberlain / US Actor
George Takei / US Actor (Star Trek)
Cynthia Nixon / US Television Actor (Sex And The City)
Neil Patrick Harris / US TV Actor (Doogie Howser, How I Met Your Mother)
Wanda Sykes / US Comedian, Actor
Cherry Jones / US Actor
Janelle Monae / US Singer, Movie Actor (Hidden Figures, Moonlight)

Meredith Baxter / US Television Actor (Family Ties)
Kelly McGillis / US Movie Actor
John Barrowman / Brtitish Actor
Kristy McNichol / US Movie, TV Actor
Lindsey Lohan / US Movie Actor
Chris Colfer / US Television Actor (Glee)
Jim Parsons / US Television Actor (Big Bang Theory)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson / US Television Actor (Modern Family)

Doug Spearman / US Film Actor
Heather Peace / English Actor, Singer, Songwriter
Gillian Anderson / US TV Actor (X Files)
Victor Garber / US Movie Actor (Argo, Titanic, Godspell)
Jim Nabors / US TV Actor (Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle)
Raven Symone / US TV Actor (Cosby Show)
Ellen Page / US Movie Actor (Juno)
Laverne Cox / US TV Actor (Orange is the New Black)

Kristen Stewart / US Film Actor (Twilight)

Cara Delevigne / Actor, Model

Billy Porter / US TV Actor (Pose)

IMDB: Famous LGBTQ Celebrities

List: Notable Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People

Great Queers of History: Parts 1, 2, 3

Info: LGBTQ History

Listal: Gay and Lesbian Celebrities

Huff Post: Queer Celebrities



Mary Cheney / Daughter of US Vice President Dick Cheney
Chrissy Gephardt / Daughter of US Senator Richard Gephardt
Chaz Bono / Child of Sonny & Cher
Jaden Smith / Child of Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith
Alison Schumer / Daughter of Senator Chuck Schumer

Etta Ng / Daughter of Jackie Chan

Brandi Burgess / Daughter of Rick Burgess (Rick & Bubba Radio Show)




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