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Brief Chronology of ALGBTICAL

May 2004
ALCA Spring Retreat
New ALCA President, Michael Lebeau, in announcing agenda for 2004-05 administration, includes plan to raise awareness of GLBT issues.

May 2004

ALCA Spring Retreat
ALCA President, Michael Lebeau charges the Current Issues Committee to take on task of addressing GLBT concerns and appoints Glenda Elliott to the chairmanship of the committee.

November 2004
ALCA Fall Conference, Huntsville
ALCA President, Michael Lebeau highlights GLBT content sessions as reflective of his current issues focus.

February 2005

ALCA Winter Meeting
Approval by ALCA Executive Council to establish official Interest Section for Gay & Lesbian Issues in Counseling.  Glenda Elliot named President of new Interest Section.

July 2005
ALCA Summer Meeting
Approval by ALCA Executive Council to establish official AGLBICAL Division.  ALCA President Paul Hard presiding.  Parliamentarian Frank Hrabe called for vote.

October 2005

Wednesday, October 26, 2005
First Meeting of the AGLBICAL Division, in Birmingham, facilitated by AGLBICAL President, Donna Melder.

November 2005
ALCA Fall Conference, Birmingham
AGLBICAL features information table.  AGLBICAL sponsors content sessions.  Glenda Elliott wins the Wilbur A. Tincher Award for a Humanitarian & Caring Person.


Donna Melder, ALGBTICAL President 2005-06

As I have reflected on the 2005 ALCA Fall Conference, my thoughts have varied in significance, implication, and need concerning our division and other divisions and chapters in the ALCA, as well as mental clips of audio and video memories. Each year I look forward to this conference as I anticipate seeing friends and making new contacts with people involved in the many aspects of counseling in the state. This year has been no exception.


We set out to help educate the membership of ALCA on issues in counseling that impact GLBT people, and to create an equitable recognition of our accomplishments and contributions. As I recall conversations that I have had with various AGLBICAL members, I believe that we have heard the voice of the state association members, and have been challenged to look past our “agenda” and move toward addressing the needs of our colleagues.


School counselors were among the most represented group of attendees in the five GLBT content sessions offered at the conference this year. I heard them repeat time and time again that they acknowledge the presence of GLBT children and youth, and that they believe all students should have access to a safe educational experience. It has been our approach or “agenda” to convince others that this issue does exist and it should be handled with knowledgeable counselors who know and understand the language, identity, and development of GLBT students. We have even gone into detail about the coming out process and the effects this will have on the individual. All of these topics and facets of GLBT life are paramount to healthy development. 


We are in era of great diversity, and young GLBT students are emerging from the closet in search of safety in the hands of the supposed security of teachers, coaches, administrators, and counselors in schools. 


I walked wearily, yet enthusiastically, back to our information table outside the exhibition hall. Glenda Elliot and I, along with Michael Lebeau, discussed our new clarity and vision. We discussed the need and some possible ways to open dialog with the school counselors on how we can meet their needs and learn more about their difficulties. When we arrived at our table, flag still pinned to the front, literature stacked neatly in piles, and a few remaining ribbons holding their place in front, I paused to absorb all I had seen and heard. I am reminded of what Glenda had told me when I asked what she thought after attending a performance by a treatment groups I help lead. I asked, “So, what did you think?” Glenda looked at me and smiled as she said, “Well, I didn’t think, I felt.”


This was the moment I experienced when I saw our table among the other tables outside of the exhibition hall. We have indeed moved into an era of diversity. Now it is time to act on that diversity and welcome the comments from our friends and colleagues. Our central question in the coming months will be, “how can we help.”  I would also like to hear from all of you individually on how you are “feeling.”


LGBT Content Sessions at 2004 ALCA Annual Conference (Huntsville)


Michael Lebeau, ALCA President, 2004-05
Theme: "The Counselor as Leader: Courage, Compassion, Character"

Current Issues in Counseling: Piloting the Course
Dr. Mark Pope

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling, Counselor Education, and Clinical Supervision: A Round Table Discussion
Dr. Glenda Elliott, LPC, NCC (ALCA Committee Chair on Current Issues); Dr. Cheri Smith, LPC, NCC

Promoting Safe Spaces for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth in Our Schools and Colleges: An Update from the Field
Dr. Glenda Elliott, LPC, NCC (Private Practice); Gloria Anderson, LPC, NCC, MAT (Mountain Brook Schools); Dr. Angela Stowe, LPC, NCC (UAB); Dr. Angela Coker LPC, NCC (UAB)

Working with Gender-Variant Clients
Leila L. Nabors, M.Ed., ALC,  Alabama Psychologhical Services Center

Working with Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Clients
Presenters: Leila L. Nabors, ALC, Alabama Psychological Services Center; Donald F. Towle Jr., M.S., Counseling/Human Services, Crisis & GLBT Therapist, Mental Health Ctr., Madison Co.


Faith Communities: Meeting the Emotional & Spiritual Needs of the GLBT Client
Rev Richard Barham

Spirituality and Sexual Identity Formation:  A Journey to Wholeness
Dr. Cheri Smith, PhD, NCC, LPC (Counselor Educator, CT) and Dr. Rebecca Stanard, PhD, LPC (State University of West Georgia)

Gender Variant Students: School Counselor and Mental Health Partnerships
Marty Hulsey, Kay Sewell, and Rosa Statom


Special Populations: Meeting the Needs of the Diverse GLBT Community
Priscilla Wilson, MA, UA JUMP Program; Lynn Lawson; Dr. Janice Martin, LPC

Gay and Lesbian Issues in Counseling: Developing Counselor Competence
Michelle Walker, Drug Program Specialist, and Wade Wofford, UAB Graduate Student


LGBT Content Sessions at 2005 ALCA Annual Conference (Birmingham)


Paul Hard, ALCA President, 2005-06
Theme: "We Are Family: One Vision ~ Many Voices"

Round Table Discussion: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling
Dr. Glenda Elliott, PhD, LPC, Associate Professor Emeritus, Univ of Alabama at Birmingham and Donna Melder, MEd, LPC, Clinical Supervisor, Family & Community Services

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counselor Education and Clinical Supervision
Dr. Glenda Elliott, PhD, LPC, Associate Professor Emeritus, Univ of Alabama at Birmingham and Dr. Barry Stephens, PhD, CRC, Asst professor & Rehabilitation Coordinator, UAB Counselor Education Program

Counseling Issues with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Questioning Youth
Nancy Wolfe, MA, High school Counselor and Leila Nabors, ALC

What To Say When Your Student May Be Gay
Dr. Mark Leggett, PhD, NCC, LPC and Dr. Jamie Satcher, PhD, CRC, NCC, Univ of Alabama, Program in Counselor Education

Counseling Implications for Lesbian and Gay Families and Parents
Leila Nabors, MEd, ALC and Beth Cook, MS, ALC

Comments From Michael Lebeau, ALGBTICAL President, 2004-05

"I see the struggles of the gay and lesbian members of our community to be a human rights issue.  I consider their treatment by our society as a form of discrimination. Consequently, I believe it is the obligation of counselors, at very least, to educate themselves about the critical issues related to this population.  We owe it to our gay and lesbian clients and to our gay and lesbian members to be open-minded, non-judgmental, and appropriately informed."

"One of the goals of my presidential service is to raise awareness of GLBT issues.  Stemming from that goal was to designate GLBT concerns as the charge of the Current Issues committee and to appoint Glenda Elliott as the Chair.  Also stemming from that goal was the intention of presenting various content sessions on GLBT issues at the Fall Conference.  And we are hoping to form a GLBT interest group or division.  All of these objectives are concerned with education.  None of these objectives have anything to do with political action or legislative lobbying.  It is not my intention, nor is it part of my presidential platform, to issue any kind of political statement to our legislators. And while we are wise to avoid political lobbying, I still maintain that, as counselors, we should be leading the cause of human rights and addressing the struggles of the disenfranchised members of our communities.  Despite our diverse perspectives, I am confident we can find common ground in our shared desire to seek understanding, to foster inclusiveness, and to show respect for all people."

"Glenda Elliott and her committee are to be commended for their exemplary efforts in disseminating accurate and timely data concerning GLBT issues in counseling.  They have assembled an impressive number of members to serve on their committee who have expressed their desire to learn more about GLBT concerns and have committed themselves to help raise awareness and increase understanding among our membership. Glenda Elliott is a friend and colleague, distinguished counselor educator and a highly revered member and officer in ALCA. She and her Current Issues Committee have my full support."




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