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Social Scene

Mandy Moore's Backstory

December 2016


Mandy Moore plays a mother of triplets on the NBC comedy-drama series, “This Is Us,” but her own family was anything but traditional.

“I’ve never really talked about this, but my parents are divorced,” the 32-year-old singer-actress told beauty site Byrdie. “My mother left my father for a woman. And both of my two brothers are gay.” Still, she added, “My parents loved each other; they did an incredible job raising all of us.”

Moore, who tied the knot with singer-songwriter Ryan Adams in 2009, explained that her desire to create her “own kind of normalcy” may have prompted her decision to marry young. Unfortunately, she said, “I learned that that wasn’t going to be the fruitful experience I wanted it to be.” She and Adams, 42, split in 2015.

These days, she said, all of her family members are “exactly where they should be,” noting, “Everyone’s so much happier, richer, and more fulfilled, being their authentic selves.”

While this may be the first time the “A Walk to Remember” and “Saved!” star has revealed her personal attachment to LGBTQ causes, she’s been an outspoken supporter of marriage equality for years. In a 2009 interview with music website ANDPOP, she blasted Proposition 8, California’s 2008 voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage, as “disheartening,” noting that she was “surprised and shocked” when the amendment passed that November.

At the time of the Supreme Court’s June 2015 ruling on marriage equality, Moore expressed her support once again with a heartfelt Instagram post.



Mandy Moore Talks About Gay Mom and Brothers


Social Updates


Ellen Page Comes Out

February 2014


Ellen Page, 26 year old actress known for her performances in such movies as Juno and Inception, announced she is a lesbian.  Before an audience of hundreds, Ellen page said she’s “tired of hiding” and “tired of lying by omission.”



With a slightly trembling voice, the young star delivered an impassioned speech on Valentine’s Day at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation Time to Thrive Conference in Las Vegas. “I’m here today because I am gay,” Page said, pausing briefly after receiving a standing ovation from audience members. “And because maybe I can make a difference to help others have an easier and more hopeful time.”




ABC News: Ellen Page Gives Emotional Speech in Font of Hundreds

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LA Times: Juno Star Comes Out at HRC Conference

You Tube: Ellen Page's Coming Out Speech at HRC Conference



Robin Roberts Comes Out


December 2013


Robin Roberts, the popular host of “Good Morning America” who for years has struggled with breast cancer and bone marrow disease, revealed that she is in a long term relationship with another woman.  She said in her Facebook announcement, "I am grateful for my entire family, my long time girlfriend, Amber, and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious new year together."  While Roberts has been open about her health problems since her 2007 breast cancer diagnosis, and her 2012 diagnosis of myelodisplastic syndrome, the Facebook post marks the first time that Roberts has revealed any information about her romantic life.


People magazine reports Roberts’ partner is Amber Laign, a massage therapist, and that the couple has been together more than 10 years.  In 2012, Roberts sat down for the historic interview with President Barack Obama in which he voiced his support for marriage equality for the very first time.  Following the post, ABC News issued this statement: “We love Robin and Amber, who we have all known for a long time. We were so touched by Robin’s Facebook message today and so thankful for all the loving support she has in her life.”   Earlier this month, Roberts quietly closed a new long-term contract with ABC, said to be worth between $13 million and $14 million a year.



GMA Host Robin Roberts Comes Out as Lesbian

Don Lemon Comments on Robin Roberts' Coming Out

Support for Robin Roberts From First Lady and Others


Raven Symone Comes Out


August 2013


The "Cosby Kid" is all grown up and gay!  Raven-Symone, who played 3-year-old Olivia on the 1980s sitcom "The Cosby Show," indicated for the first time that she is a lesbian.  "I am very happy that gay marriage is opening up around the country and is being accepted," the actress said.  "I was excited to hear today that more states legalized gay marriage. I, however am not currently getting married, but it is great to know I can now, should I wish to," she said.


Earlier, Symone posted a tweet: "I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you."  In response to media inquiries after that tweet, her representatives said that "Raven is not getting married. She was just supporting the fact that she heard on the radio that more states legalized gay marriage today."  After "The Cosby Show," Symone was featured with Eddie Murphy in his "Dr. Dolittle" films and starred in Disney Channel's "That's So Raven."




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YouTube: Raven Confirms She is a Lesbian


Out And About


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Win MTV Award for LGBT Music Video

The Country Where No One's Gay

Love on the March

Modern Family Star is Witness at Lesbian Wedding

Gay Wedding in Coca-Cola Ad

Rose Bowl Parade Couple Sounds Off

24 Celebrities Who Have Recently Come Out


Magic Johnson's Gay Son Goes Public


April 2013


Magic Johnson's gay son is going public with his romance.   Earvin Johnson III, one of Magic's three children, was seen recently in public hand-in-hand with his unidentified boyfriend on Los Angeles's Sunset Strip.   Although this is reportedly the first time Earvin (also known as EJ) and his boyfriend have been seen together publicly, there is nothing to suggest that he was not open about his sexuality prior to this. EJ is a 20-year-old student at New York University and Magic and his wife, Earlitha "Cookie" Kelly, couldn't be prouder of him. "Cookie and I love EJ and support him in every way," Magic says. "We're very proud of him."   When Magic revealed he was HIV-positive in 1991, rumors about his sexuality arose. Instead of recoiling from the spotlight and the speculation, the former Los Angeles Lakers basketball player used his celebrity to spread awareness and tolerance.  Back in 2008, Magic opposed California's Proposition 8, a clause that banned same-sex marriage in the state.




Magic Johnson's Gay Son Goes Public

Interview with Magic Johnson



Out And About


Lesbian Beauty Queen Runs for Miss South Carolina

Red Equal Signs Vs. Blue Crosses

Alternative Proms in Minnesota Cater to Gay Teens

Transgender High Schooler Wins Battle to wear Dress to Prom

Neil Patrick Harris' Kids Are Too Darn Cute


Jim Nabors Comes Out

February 2013


Jim Nabors, known for his TV role as Gomer Pyle, is finally marrying his longtime partner of 38 years.  At the age of 82, Mr. Nabors married Stan Cadwallader in a ceremony in Seattle Washington.  Both currently reside in Hawaii.



Mr. Nabors, who was born and raised in Sylacauga, Alabama, originated the character of the hapless but loveable gas-station attendant Gomer Pyle on “The Andy Griffith Show,” and reprised the role in five seasons of "Gomer Pyle USMC." Mr. Nabors also appeared on “The Carol Burnett Show,” “The Muppet Show,” and his own variety series, “The Jim Nabors Hour.”

Mr. Nabors met Mr. Cadwallader, a former firefighter in Honolulu, in 1975. Mr. Nabors said that though he had always been open about his sexuality to co-workers in the entertainment industry, he did not plan to get involved in the national debate over gay marriage.  “I haven’t ever made a public spectacle of it,” Mr. Nabors said, according to Hawaii News Now. “Well, I’ve known since I was a child, so, come on. It’s not that kind of a thing. I’ve never made a huge secret of it at all.”  He added: “My friend and I, my partner, we went through all of this 38 years ago. So I mean, we made our vows and that was it. It was to each other, but nevertheless, we were a couple.”




NY Times: Jim Nabors Marrries Partner in Seattle

Huff Post: Jim Nabors & Stan Cadwallader Marry in Seattle

LA Times: Jim Nabors Marries Male Partner of 38 Years


Wanda and Alex Sykes


May 2012


Wanda Sykes is famous for her stand up comedy and for her television performances in The New Adventures of Old Christine and The Wanda Sykes Show.  She is also famous for the many movies she has appeared in.  Since 2008, she is also famous for being an outspoken lesbian and LGBT rights activist.  The insightful Sykes is known for her sharp, vulgar, cutting and often-sarcastic observations of the world around her, usually focusing on jokes that have political context.  She has recently commented on the election season, same sex marriage, gays in the military, the faltering economy and her own personal life.  Wanda Sykes is also very candid about being a gay black woman married to a white French wife.  She talks openly about her wife Alex and her daughter Olivia Lou and son Lucas Claude.



Wanda and Alex met in 2006 and were married in October 2008.  Wanda came out publicly as a lesbian in November 2008.  Alex gave birth to the couple's twins in the summer of 2009. She hosted the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2009.  She is an active supporter of President Obama. In 2011 she had a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer.



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Beauty Queen Molly Thomas

January 2012


Mollie Thomas, 19 year old UCLA student, entered the Miss California beauty queen pageant as an openly gay contestant with the full support of the Miss Universe organization.  Mollie says, "I’m proud to be the first openly gay woman running for Miss California USA. This is an opportunity to represent the LGBTQ community in a way I never dreamed of. My life has taken me many amazing places. I’ve been blessed with the ability to travel the world, and my experiences living in Los Angeles have compelled me to run for Miss California."


According to the Huffington Post, Mollie does not recall a specific moment of coming out, but says her family has always been supportive and aware of her sexual orientation. “My family is so open and accepting that I knew very young who I was and who I loved.”  Also in the same contest is 26 year old Jenelle Hutcherson, who is also gay.




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Kristy McNichol Comes Out


January 2012


Kristy McNichol, who is known for her roles on "Family" and "Empty Nest," has decided to step back into the spotlight after years and come out as a lesbian to help kids who are being bullied, reports say.  McNichol, 49, has lived with her partner Martie Allen for the last 20 years, but now she has decided to make a statement about her sexuality because she is "approaching 50" and wants to "be open about who I am," reports People magazine.  "She hopes that coming out can help kids who need support," the former actress' publicist Jeff Ballard told People. "She would like to help others who feel different."



McNichol played Buddy Lawrence in the '70s TV show "Family," for which she won an Emmy, and later played Barbara Weston in "Empty Nest."  Now, McNichol is done with acting and spends her free time playing tennis, traveling and doing yoga.




CBS News: Kristy McNichol Comes Out as Lesbian
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Five Other Teen Idols Who Came Out


Portia De Rossi Speaks Out


November 2010


Portia de Rossi talked about coming out as a gay woman on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The 37-year-old actress shared that growing up, she’d had to hide her feelings of wanting to date other women.  “Having to hide something like that just ruined me,” Portia said. “It really, really killed me because even though I’d gotten to a point where I wasn’t ashamed of it anymore, I was doing it for financial reasons. I was doing it so I’d have a career because there were no lesbian TV actresses or actresses ever in history!”  The actress described her struggle with eating disorders - both anorexia and bulimia.  She also shared that her wife, Ellen DeGeneres, motivated her to come out.



Actress Portia de Rossi has made a name for herself in Hollywood with starring roles on Ally McBeal and Arrested Development. When she rose to fame in the late '90s, the press said she oozed sex appeal and Rolling Stone magazine branded her "a hot bombshell."  In 2004, her personal life also made headlines when she started dating comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. The couple married in 2008 and are now one of Hollywood's most celebrated couples.   But before Portia found love and happiness, she says she spent years living a secret life. A closeted lesbian, Portia says she was terrified of being outed. She was also waging a vicious battle with anorexia and bulimia. At rock bottom, Portia starved herself to 82 pounds.  Now, Portia is coming forward about it all in her new book, Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain.


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Kelly McGillis Comes Out


May 2009

Kelly McGillis, famous for her roles in movies like "Top Gun" with Tom Cruise and "Witness" with Harrison Ford, finally confirmed rumors that she is a lesbian. The 51-year-old actress, who has been married twice and who has two teenage children, has always denied suggestions that she had had lesbian relationships. She claims to have battled with her sexual orientation for 40 years. But she had finally decided to 'move on with her life' and admit she was a lesbian.

She was asked whether she would now date a man or a woman.  She replied: 'Definitely a woman. I'm done with the man thing.'   She added: 'It's a part of being true to yourself. That's been a challenge for me personally.' The actress married her first husband, Boyd Black, in 1979 but they split three years later. Her second husband was California millionaire Fred Tillian, by whom she has daughters Kelsey, 19, and Sonora, 16.   The couple split in 2002 after 13 years together. Miss McGillis said that it took her a long time to accept she was homosexual.  'I think that was an ongoing process from the time I was probably 12,' she said. 'It was a long arduous journey for me. 'Life is a journey and it's about growing and changing and coming to terms with who and what you are and loving who and what you are.' Kelly played a prosecutor alongside Jodie Foster in The Accused in 1998. The actress became famous for playing U.S. Air Force training instructor Charlie Blackwood alongside Cruise in Top Gun in 1986. She also played Harrison Ford's love interest in the Oscar-winning 1985 film Witness.



Daily Mail: Kelly McGillis Declares She is a Lesbian
Us Mag: Kelly McGillis Weds Longtime Girlfriend
People Mag: Kelly McGillis Done With the Whole Man Thing


George Takei Comes Out


George Takei publicly came out as a gay man in October 2005.  Many television and movie fans remember and revere his Mr. Sulu character on the popular Star Trek series. In describing his coming out process, he says, "It's not really coming out, which suggests opening a door and stepping through. It's more like a long, long walk through what began as a narrow corridor that starts to widen."  



In an interview, the 68-year-old actor discussed his childhood in a Japanese-American internment camp, his longtime relationship with Brad Altman, and his siblings' inability to accept his homosexuality.  He said he grew up feeling ashamed of his ethnicity and sexuality. He likened prejudice against gays to racial segregation.  Since he has decided to talk about it publicly, Takei joins a short list of openly gay Asian American actors, which also includes BD Wong (Law and Order) and Alec Mapa (Half & Half).  He married his partner of 22 years, Brad Altman, in September 2008.


After Elton: George Takei Comes Out
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Meredith Baxter Comes Out

December 2009


On December 3, 2009, Matt Lauer sat down with Meredith Baxter on NBC's The Today Show, because she had a "confession" to make. Turns out the Family Ties mom is gay. Meredith was drawn out of her private life by tabloids who threatened to reveal her "secret," and decided to own the story herself. After three failed marriages, she realized seven years ago that she was a lesbian; she told her kids and friends, and was living openly with her partner, Nancy Locke, without feeling any need to announce it publicly until the tabloid situation arose. “I am a lesbian and it was a later-in-life recognition,” she told Matt Lauer on The Today Show. “Some people would say, well, you’re living a lie and, you know, the truth is — not at all. This has only been for the past seven years.”



Baxter, 62, though anxious, decided to come out on national television after her sexuality became tabloid fodder. The National Enquirer reported that Baxter was spotted last month aboard a Caribbean cruise sponsored by lesbian travel company Sweet, writing that she was seen “traveling with a female friend, and she seemed very relaxed and comfortable.” Baxter admitted that she did indeed take the vacation with her girlfriend, despite the threat that the couple would be outed. Baxter says that her relationship with men was complicated, and it took her decades to understand why.  In 1966 she married her first husband, Robert Lewis Bush, and they divorced five years later; she married her second husband, David Birney, in 1974, and they divorced in 1989; she married her third husband, Michael Blodgett, in 1995, and they divorced in 2000.

Then, seven years ago, she had a relationship with a woman and concluded that she was homosexual. Suddenly, things seemed to make sense.
 “I got involved with someone I never expected to get involved with, and it was that kind of awakening,” she said. “I never fought it because it was like, oh, I understand why I had the issues I had early in life. I had a great deal of difficulty connecting with men in relationships.”  Meredith did say that she hopes that people who remember her from her Family Ties days will think of her when issues of gay rights and social equality come up, and have a more open mind.



You Tube: Meredith Baxter on Today Show
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Ellen and Portia Marry

August 2008


Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and actress Portia De Rossi were married on August 16, 2008. They wed at their home in Beverly Hills, California in an intimate ceremony attended by about 20 guests.  De Rossi, 35, wore a backless, light pink Zac Posen dress, and her hair in a loose updo. DeGeneres, 50, wore an all-white Zac Posen ensemble that included pants, button-up shirt and vest.  In May, following the California Supreme Court's monumental ruling that same sex couple's have the right to marry, DeGeneres announced on her talk show that she intended to wed her girlfriend of nearly four years.  "It's something that we've wanted to do and we want it to be legal and we are very, very excited," DeGeneres said.  In June, de Rossi debuted a marquis cut Neil Lane sparkler set with pink diamonds at the Daytime Emmy Awards.

De Rossi has credited DeGeneres with helping her come out of the closet.  "My feelings for Ellen overrode all of my fear about being out as a lesbian,” she told the Advocate Magazine in September 2005.  De Rossi said the first time she spotted DeGeneres, the comedian took her breath away.   In 2005, DeGeneres said she hoped she and de Rossi would be "together the rest of our lives."   "I never would have thought my life would have turned out this way," DeGeneres told Allure Magazine. "To have money. Or to have a gorgeous girlfriend. I just feel so lucky with everything in my life right now."



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Lady Gaga's LGBT Quotes

"There are some people in this world that believe being gay is a choice. It's not a choice, we're born this way."

“At the moment I heard about the death of Proposition 8, I instantly began to rejoice! Full equality!  This is just the beginning!  Celebrate, gay communities and straight all over the world! Our voices are being heard! Loud! Scream loud!"


“I just want to be clear: I’m gay. My music is gay. My show is gay. And I love that it’s gay. And I love my gay fans and they’re all going to be coming to our show. And it’s going to remain gay.”


"God put me on earth for three reasons: To make loud music.  To make gay videos. And to cause a damn raucous."


“My music video is a celebration of my love and appreciation for the gay community, my admiration of their bravery, and their love for one another, their courage in their relationships.”


“I feel that homophobia runs rampant in the music industry, and that artists are allowed to speak openly in a hateful way, in a homophobic way, in a misogynistic way, and the press does not challenge them. And I’m going to be taking a very strong stance against that, and I am an artist who refuses to accept that behavior.” 


"I had a few gay piano teachers. I was in acting class and ballet from a very young age, and I remember being around a lot of gay boys in dance class. I feel intrinsically inclined toward a more gay lifestyle." 


"I myself am not a gay woman.  I am a free-spirited woman.  I have had boyfriends, and I have hooked up with women, but it's never been like I discovered gayness for myself." 

"I very much want to inject gay culture into the mainstream. It's not an underground tool for me. It's my whole life. So I always sort of joke the real motivation is to just turn the world gay."


Lance Bass Comes Out

August 2006


Lance Bass, former member of pop boy band 'N Sync, has publicly come out of the closet in an exclusive cover story for the August 7 issue of People magazine. Though he was aware of this truth "from childhood on," he was worried about how being gay might affect his career.   Bass, 27, says he hid his sexuality because he feared disclosure would hamper N Sync's success and that of the group's other four members. "I had four other guys' careers in my hand. . .and I knew that if I ever acted on [my sexuality] or even said [it], it would overpower everything."


"He took years to really think about how he was going to tell everyone," says his close friend and former bandmate Joey Fatone. "I back him up 100 percent."  Bass admitted in the interview that he is currently in a "very stable" relationship with openly gay Amazing Race winner Reichen Lehmkuhl, and that recent media speculation about their romance led to his decision to come out. "The thing is, I'm not ashamed," said Bass. "That's the one thing I want to say... I'm more liberated and happy than I've been my whole life. I'm just happy."

The Mississippi-bred Bass was raised in a Southern Baptist home and revealed to People that he remains true to his faith. "I still go to church," he said. "I'm still Christian. I was not raised in a Christian church to hate people. I was taught to love people and accept people. I know what I believe."  Bass being open and honest about his life will have a tremendous outcome. "Talk to any celebrity who comes out and they will tell you about the impact they never imagined possible," said GLAAD President Neil G. Giuliano. "They will tell you about the people who write them about themselves, their kids, or about knowing someone they admire is gay or lesbian. The world changes."




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Elton John Gets Married

December 2005

Elton John, 58, and longtime partner David Furnish, 43, were married December 21, 2005 in England, at Windsor's town hall, where Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles in April.


The much-publicized union took place on the first day on which same-sex couples were allowed a legal status comparable to marriage -- including the same social security, pension, tax and inheritance rights -- in England and Wales. (he law went into effect earlier this week in Northern Ireland and Scotland.  The ceremony was followed by a party with 700 guests. At a press conference, Prime Minister Tony Blair sent the couple his congratulations.  Elton John is set to begin his twenty-four-date residency at Caesars Palace's Coliseum, dubbed the Red Piano tour, in Las Vegas on January 31st.  British pop star George Michael also recently announced his plans to marry longtime boyfriend Kenny Goss in a civil ceremony next year.


(From Alex Mar, Rolling Stone)




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