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Montgomery 2015

The 2015 ALCA Annual Conference was presented under the leadership of ALCA President Vincent Hinton.  His theme for this year's conference was, "ALCA SOARS: Service, Outreach, Advocacy, Recognition, Social Justice."  This event took place November 18-20, in Montgomery. It was a wonderful opportunity for learning, professional development, and networking.  And ALGBTICAL members were active in a big way at the big event!  On hand for the festivities were Michael Lebeau (President), Dina Marble (Pres Elect), Gary Williams Pres Elect Elect), Angela Stowe (Past President), Patrick Faircloth (Secretary), Amanda Dickey (Communications Team), Jayne Richards (Communications Team), Glenda Elliott, Mark Leggett, Paul Hard, Sandy Loew, Melissa Scott, and Pamela Yancey.  



The ALCA Annual Conference featured 3 inspiring keynote speakers, over 90 interesting content sessions, poster sessions, business meetings, exhibitions, and various receptions.  Also included in the activities is the official Executive Council Meeting of state officers.


The big kick-off activity was the Awards Breakfast on Wednesday morning. Some of our ALGBTICAL members won awards.  Congratulations to our very deserving award winners....  Michael Lebeau (Tincher Humanitarian Award), Courtney East (LGBT Research), and Jim Loew (Outstanding Member).



The ALCA Conference featured over 90 content sessions for attendees to participate in.  Here is a list of some of the content sessions that featured LGBT issues:


Wed 2:30 / Utilizing the ALGBTIC Competencies for Counseling with Transgender Clients to Provide Transgender Affirmative Counseling

Wed 4:00 / Enhancing the Health and Well-Being of LGBT Elders: Challenges, Opportunities, and Resources

Thu 10:30 / Counselor Ethics and LGBT Issues

Thu 1:30 / Providing Services and Counseling to LGBTQ Youth

Thu 3:00 / Domestic Violence: Itís Not Just a Lower Class Heterosexual Issue



ALGBTICAL's officers and members were active participants in this year's conference! There were lots of opportunities for ALGBTICAL folks to get together and socialize!  ALGBTICAL's Division Meeting was held on Wednesday.  ALGBTICAL hosted an Information Table in the pre-event/registration area.  We distributed information packets on LGBT issues.  We raffled off rainbow gift baskets.  And we sold lots our new very cool ALGBTICAL t-shirts!  ALGBTICAL sponsored a "Get Acquainted" Information Reception on Wednesday in the ALGBTICAL Presidential Suite. It was very well attended!   And...  ALGBTICAL and ALACES co-sponsored a Division Social Activity on Wednesday evening.  The location for this social event was the Railyard Brewing Company.  It was a wonderful event and very well attended!  Melanie Drake Wallace (ALACES Pres) and ALACES members joined ALGBTICAL members for this late night social gathering.  Everyone had a fun time!




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Association for Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender Issues in Counseling of Alabama