After a recent slew of very ugly things being said about LGBT families in the media, The Huffington Post decided that enough was enough. How many more times will the public standby and listen to politicians, religious leaders and just generally hateful people saying things to de-legitimize LGBT families without input from that community? So Huffington Post decided to launch "Family Fridays."  Every week, they highlight a different family.  And they come in all shapes and sizes and with every kind of unique story you can imagine.




Huff Post says, "This will give us all a chance at the end of a long week of yelling at our TV screens and shaking our heads in disgust to come together for a nice long hug around one beautiful family.  Let's celebrate the beautiful and diverse kinds of families we have. In celebrating them, we're helping to reinforce what we already know: Our families are legitimate and beautiful."



Huffington Post is collecting photos and stories from various LGBT families.  They invite families to send their material to HP to feature on the website.  Contact: