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Glenda Elliott is the Co-Founder of ALGBTICAL


Dr. Glenda Elliott is a counselor educator at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  She is an Associate Professor Emerita at the UAB School of Education and is the Coordinator of the UAB Safe Zone Training.

Glenda is a prominent LGBT advocate and activist. She has contributed greatly to the advancement of LGBT rights.


Glenda received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Georgia and her Doctoral degree from Kent State University.  She arrived in Birmingham in 1973.  She participated in Alabama's first pride parade and AIDS walk.



Glenda has a long record of professional activity and long continued professional development. She has contributed significantly to the professional development of counselors in Alabama through presentations made at professional workshops and conferences. In the past 10 years alone, this individual has made 76 presentations to and conducted workshops attended by school counselors and administrators, agency and private practice counselors, counselor education students, and other helping professionals.


Some of the settings include: Bradford Health Services. Employee Assistance Professionals Association.  Many, many ALCA Fall Conferences.  Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision. And, guest speaker at numerous colleges and university Counselor Education classes.



In addition to promoting the profession and the professional development of counselors through workshops and other presentations, this special person has contributed to professional development through services on the editorial boards of counseling journals. She served on the Editorial Board of The Family Journal, which is the journal of the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors. She has also served on the Editorial Board of the Alabama Counseling Association Journal and published articles that promote the professional development of counselors. Her recent work has been published in the Alabama Counseling Association Journal and the Alabama Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Newsletter.


In addition, she is the outreach coordinator for ALGBTICAL, the Chair of the Coordinating Committee for the Alabama Safe School Coalition, the Coordinator of Training for the UAB Safe Zone Program and the Mental Health Liaison for the Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of Birmingham.



In 2011, Glenda won the ALCA Fannie R. Cooley Distinguished Professional Development Award for the second time.


In 2008, Equality Alabama presented Glenda with the David White Lifetime Achievement Award.


In 2007, Curve Magazine named Glenda one of the most powerful lesbians in the south.


In 2005 Glenda was awarded the ALCA Wilbur Tincher Award for a Humanitarian & Caring Person for her courageous efforts as the Chair of the ALCA Current Issues Committee in particular and her overall contribution to the advancement of human rights in general. The following statement accompanied the granting of the award to Glenda:

"The 2004-2005 year was a landmark year for ALCA, with the Current Issues committee being charged with exploring GLBT issues in counseling, with 2 new interest sections being formed, and finally, with both of those interest sections being approved as new Divisions of ALCA.  This year’s winner of the Wilbur Tincher award has a vita that demonstrates humanitarianism and caring for others consistently, year after year.  She has been an advocate for social change, at the grass roots levels and in leadership and mentoring.  In her work with the formation of a new Division for ALCA, she has served as a role model, shared her time, talent, and financial resources, and shared a sense of humor along the way.  She has founded or helped shepherd a number of advocacy efforts, including UAB’s Safe Zone, Birmingham Alliance of Gay, Straight, Lesbian, BiSexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth, Compassionate Listeners, Days of Equality for Equality Alabama, and most recently, one of ALCAs newest Divisions, the Association for Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Issues in Counseling in Alabama."




Equality Alabama Awards Ceremony (Slow load, please be patient)

Call to Advocacy: ALCA Journal Article by Glenda Elliott

Alabama Safe Schools Coalition

NPR: Glenda Elliott Featured on Story Corps

Glenda Featured in Ending the Silence Documentary

Alabama Counseling Association Icon Interviews


Glenda Elliott Featured in AIDS/HIV Documentary

August 2016


Glenda Elliott was one of several Alabama activists interviewed for a documentary entitled, "Ending the Silence."  The 20-minute independent film, produced by Jo Mosher and Geena Marshall, reported on the history of the AIDS/HIV crisis in Alabama and the key people and organizations who were (and still are) influential in addressing the needs of the community.  Included in the film, along with Glenda Elliott (Founding Member of AIDS/HIV Task Force), were Karen Musgrove (President of Birmingham AIDS Outreach), Bob Burns (Founding Member of AIDS/HIV Task Force), Kathie Hiers (CEO of AIDS Alabama), Tony Walker (AIDS Alabama Coordinator), Judy Bridgers (Founding Member of AIDS/HIV Task Force), Chris Hamlin (Counselor at UAB 1917 Clinic), Wes Akins (Counselor at UAB 1917 Clinic), and Billy Cox (prominent Birmingham man who died of AIDS).




Glenda Featured in Ending the Silence Documentary


Glenda Elliott Story Set to Music

July 2016


Glenda Elliott's personal love story, which was featured on National Public Radio's Story Corps radio program, has been set to music.  The Director of One Voice Choir in Charlotte, North Carolina heard Glenda's story and wrote a piece called "Glenda & Lauree," which became part of a the choir's concert presentation, "Rite of Passage."




One Voice Choir: Interview with Gerald Gurss About Glenda & Lauree Piece

YouTube: OVC Performs Glenda & Lauree Piece at GALA in Denver


Glenda Elliott Featured on NPR's Story Corps

September 2015


Angela Stowe sat down with Glenda Elliott on National Public Radio's Story Corps radio program.  Glenda shared a personal love story.  It was featured on the air on NPR under the title, "A First And Lasting Love, Long Before The World Would Let It Live."


Glenda Elliott, who is a retired associate professor of counselor education at UAB, told her story during her visit to StoryCorps.   When Glenda Elliott was growing up in rural, small-town Georgia in the 1940s, the modern gay rights movement hadn't exactly arrived yet. In fact, it wasn't even really on the horizon. And so, when she fell in love with a woman when she was in her 20s, she didn't have a road map of how to react.  "There were certainly no role models of what it means to love someone of the same sex," recalls Glenda Elliott, 75, on a visit with StoryCorps in Alabama.



"I didn't know how to understand that."  The woman's name was Lauree — but she wasn't the person Elliott married. That distinction went to Elliott's high school sweetheart.  "I thought at that time, that's what a woman did, she got married," Elliott says. "And it didn't take me very long to realize that I'd made a mistake. So he and I decided to get a divorce."  But she and Lauree continued to talk. Elliott knew she loved her, but Lauree wanted children. Eventually, Lauree met a man, married him and conceived a child. Lauree promised that, if the child was a girl, she would name her after Elliott.  "Well, it turned out it was a little boy, and I was relieved," Elliott says. "It really would have been excruciatingly painful if she had had a little girl named after me." Then, Lauree made her another promise: "If I outlive my husband and you don't have a partner, perhaps we can grow old together."  Somehow, Elliott says, that made the situation more bearable.  But then Lauree was diagnosed with cancer. She didn't live very long.  "And I did not get to see her again," Elliott says.  Lauree's death really hit Elliott when she turned 60 and began to think about old age.  "This was the time that Lauree and I were gonna have," she says, "and it didn't happen.  "There are certain kinds of love that never die," Elliott says. "But I don't regret at all our time together. It is where I learned that I could love and I could be loved in that complete sense of the word."


(From National Public Radio, Story Corps Project)



NPR: Glenda Elliott Featured on Story Corps


Glenda Elliott Honored

February 2014


ALGBTICAL is proud to acknowledge that Dr. Glenda Elliott has received a prestigious award for her work as an LGBT activist.  And Birmingham Weld Magazine has featured her in a lengthy article in which she is interviewed.


Equality Alabama has named Dr. Glenda Elliott for the Billy Jack Gaither Humanitarian Award.  She is being recognized for her work and advocacy with LGBT youth and for her tireless efforts in making Alabama schools safe for LGBT students.



On Sunday, February 16 Equality Alabama held its 16th Annual Vigil for Victims of Hate and Violence. Glenda was one of the day’s honorees (Along with Auburn University transgender student Darcy Corbitt). She says she is honored to be receiving an award named for Billy Jack Gaither, the very victim whose crime sparked her involvement with LGBT equality.


In the interview that is featured in the Birmingham Weld article, Glenda makes several important comments, including this one:  "What’s been found in national surveys is that the factors that create a safer environment for all students would be first of all to have inclusive non-discrimination policies and inclusive anti-harassment polices. When I say inclusive, I mean sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. And then to have training and professional development of all the staff in the school to know how to implement the policy to learn ways in which to go about reacting when harassment does occur. And in a more positive way: What can be done to create a more respectful environment in the schools where all students are respected?"


In addition, Equality Alabama has posted a recap of the day's activities on their website.  You can read the remarks from Equality Alabama Chair Ben Cooper and the acceptance speeches of award-winners Glenda Elliott and Darcy Corbitt.


Also, Glenda Elliott was recently selected by the Alabama Counseling Association for its ongoing Counselor Icon Interview project.  ALCA conducts interviews with counselors from across the state of Alabama to acknowledge the contributions of prominent counselors (many of which had state and national prominence), to engage past leaders in a dialogue about their contributions to the field, and to educate current and future counselors about the history of the counseling profession.  By visiting the ALCA website, you can view photographs and read the complete transcript of Glenda's Icon Interview.



Equality Alabama: Highlights From the Vigil

Bham Weld: Dr. Elliott Awarded for Safe School Efforts

Alabama Counseling Association Icon Interviews


ALGBTICAL Participates in Birmingham Pride Parade


June 2011


Central Alabama Pride presented its annual Pride Parade on Saturday, June 11, in Birmingham.  ALGBTICAL was an official part of the event and several of its officers and members marched in the parade.



Pictured here (left to right) are: Melissa Scott (Past President), Glenda Elliott, Jessica Merchant (President Elect), and Jeanell Norvell (President).


A successful effort by ALGBTICAL provided support and awareness at this year’s Central Pride Event held in downtown Birmingham. Collaboration of members and officers attending, included Glenda Elliott, Jeanell Norvell, Jessica Merchant, Melissa Scott, and two enduring supporters, provided representation in this festive event. Everyone enjoyed seeing the hundreds of supporters lining in the streets and the warm, welcoming chants and atmosphere provided by Central Pride fans. ALGBTICAL will continue to promote better understanding of sexual minority issues and engaging community awareness efforts through its amazing members’ support and enthusiasm.




The Mardi Gras themed parade was part of the 10 Days of Pride celebration, which will also include several other LGBT-related events. 


ALGBTICAL Members at Equality Weekend


Equality Alabama presented its Equality Weekend program on September 18-20, 2009 in Birmingham.  It featured an impressive line-up of speakers and presenters conducting sessions on a variety of timely LGBT issues.  Among the seminar speakers were notable ALGBTICAL members who have distinguished themselves as allies, advocates and activists in the community.  Sharing their expertise at the Equality Weekend event were Dr. Glenda Elliott and Gloria Anderson. 

At Equality Weekend, Glenda and Gloria shared the spotlight with other prominent LGBT activists.



The keynote speaker was renowned US Congressman John Lewis.  And the opening session speaker was Alabama Representative Patricia Todd.  Among the other notable speakers at the event were Mandy Carter, John Smallwood, Lori Stabler, Josh Burford, Pam Spaulding, Christine Sun, Anna Turkett, Scout O'Beirne, Patty Rudolph, Marda Sydnor, Dr. Carly Friedman, Rhonda Thomason, J. D. 'Ox' Freeman, Robyn Hall, Allyson 'Ally' Morgan, Gina Stanley, and Rev. Felicia Fontaine.


ALGBTICAL Members Protest FOF Event in Birmingham


November 2009


ALGBTICAL members Dr. Glenda Elliott and Michael Lebeau joined the members several Alabama gay rights organizations and LGBT activist individuals to protest the Focus on the Family "Love Won Out" conference on homosexuality that was held November 7, 2009, at Metropolitan Church of God.



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