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2018 Award Winners



Dr. Angela Stowe

Wilbur Tincher Award for Humanitarian & Caring Person.

Angela is Treasurer, Past President, and longtime board member of ALGBTICAL.

She is the Director of the UAB Counseling & Wellness Center.


Dr. Patrick Faircloth

Outstanding Member Award

Patrick is President of ALMHCA. He is Past President of ALGBTICAL.

He is a Counselor Educator at Troy University.


2016 Award Winners


Gary Williams

Wilbur Tincher Award for Humanitarian & Caring Person

Gary is President Elect of ALGBTICAL

He is a counselor in private practice in Birmingham


Dr. Paul Hard

Jean Cecil Distinguished Counselor Educator Award

Paul is a member of the ALGBTICAL Board

He is a counselor educator at AUM


Natalie Beck

Outstanding Practitioner Award

Natalie is Secretary of ALGBTICAL

She is a counselor at UAB


Dr. Patrick Faircloth

Research Award

Patrick is ALGBTICAL President Elect Elect

He is a counselor educator at Troy University


Chris Chirino

Emerging Leader

Chris is ALGBTICAL Newsletter Editor

He is a career counselor at the University of Alabama


Michael Lebeau

Outstanding Member Award

Michael is ALGBTICAL Past President

He is a career counselor at Birmingham-Southern College


2015 Award Winners


Michael Lebeau

Wilbur Tincher Award for a Humanitarian & Caring Person


Michael Lebeau, ALGBTICAL President, received the Wilbur Tincher Award for a Humanitarian & Caring Person. He was recognized for his advocacy work with the LGBT community, including the establishment of an LGBT division in ALCA, the implementation of safe zone programs at various colleges throughout the state, and the creation of a website that addresses LGBT issues. He was nominated by ALGBTICAL & ALACES.

He has delivered over 61 presentations on a variety of topics including ethics, leadership, LGBT issues, diversity in the workplace, and job search strategies to name but a few. He has held numerous leadership positions including Past President of ALCA, ALGBTICAL, ALCDA as well as many past and current committee positions. He is currently the director of career services at Birmingham-Southern College where he revised and updated the overall program. He is involved in the community through numerous roles, a few being a board member for Equality Alabama, a coordinator and presenter for Birmingham Youth Leadership Forum, and an organizer, coordinator, fundraiser, and website manager for Birmingham CROP Hunger Walk to mention a few.

His projects are many and varied, but he is an LGBT Ally Training program coordinator at Birmingham-Southern College, Organized and trained for the UAB LGBT Safe Zone Program, and is an advisory board member for the University of Montevallo Graduate Counseling Program. Notably, he helped to create the Alabama Association for Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues as a division of ALCA. He also developed and maintains the ALGBTICAL website which serves as a resource for all counselors on LGBT related issues and concerns.

He received numerous letters of support and I wanted to mention a few comments from those letters... “What truly sets Michael apart is his wholehearted and enduring leadership in ALCA.” “What I consider especially relevant to this award is Michael’s willingness to go considerably beyond his service to ALCA and the profession of counseling and to give willingly and unselfishly of his time, energy, and expertise in the community.” “Everywhere he has been he has been instrumental in the formation of safe zones for LGBT students. For those individuals who may be involved with an internal struggle it is important to be able to recognize someone safe to talk to and who will guide students to making wise decisions with personal information. There is no better definition of caring and empathy than supporting individuals who are facing life challenges.”



Jim Loew

Outstanding Member Award



Jim Loew, ALGBTICAL's Treasurer, received the Outstanding Member Award from the ALGBTICAL Division.  Jim is a counselor in private practice (Renewal Resources) in Florence.  He has distinguished himself as an active member and competent officer in the ALGBTICAL division.


Courtney East & Christine Ramsay

Research Grant Proposal Award

LGBT Research


Courtney East and Kristine Ramsay, ALGBTICAL members, received the Research Grant Proposal Award for their research on LGBT issues.  They were nominated by Chapter XII and ALGBTICAL.  The winners of the awards will submit a report on the research when it is concluded and they will also be expected to present the results at the next Fall Conference and/or write an article for the ALCA Journal. This year’s recipients submitted a joint proposal to conduct two research studies to assess competency and increasing awareness and preparedness to work with individuals who identify as transgender.

2014 Award Winners


Dr. Angela Stowe

Fannie Cooley Award for Distinguished Professional Development


Angela Stowe, ALGBTICAL President, won the Fannie Cooley Award for Distinguished Professional Development.  The Fannie R. Cooley Award for Distinguished Professional Development recognizes the professional development of an individual.  Professional development is defined as the intentional strengthening, expansion, enhancement, improvement and extension of the profession and to stimulate future efforts to enhance development of techniques and systems that have demonstrable benefits to counselors.  Colleagues have described this year’s winner as having the vision of excellence and one who has taken the time and energy to hone her skills to the point where she now exemplifies all aspects of the criteria for this award. She serves as a role model for junior members of the profession, inspiring them to rise to the same level of competence, ethical practice, and professional achievement.


Early in her career, this individual exemplified her commitment to the professional development of counselors. As an adjunct professor at UAB she taught several courses, supervised practicum students and interns and served with Zeta Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota developing and presenting many professional development presentations to and for the chapter. She also served on the Safe Zone advisory committee and training team.  Later in her career she served as director of Disability services at UAB, a school counselor for Mountain Brook High School and currently is the director of counseling services at UAB’s Health and Wellness Center.


This year’s winner has a long and extensive list of over 100 presentations, workshops and community outreach programs at the local, state, and national level. She has a well organized body of scholarly publications. Her articles depict a snapshot of her areas of expertise, including leadership/visioning, service learning/mentoring, multicultural competencies, professional identity, and LGBT Advocacy. She has served as ALCA special accomodations chair, president of ALMHCA, editorial board member of the ALCA journal, co-chair of the ALACES newsletter and currently serves as president of ALGBTICAL. She is well known  by her colleagues to advocate for the needs of the most vulnerable, including extraordinary work on behalf of LGBT students and adults in our state.


A much needed contribution she has made to the professional development of school counselors is her adaptation of the ACA Advocacy Model: “Being an Ally and Advocate in Your School”. This model has been presented not only at the ALCA fall conference but also to school counselors and administrators attending workshops presented by the Alabama Safe School Coalition. Her contributions to the professional development of school counselors were recognized by her being chosen by ALSCA as the 2012 Alabama New School Counselor of the year.  One colleague said it best in her letter of support for this year’s winner: “One of the greatest things about Fannie Cooley was her undying love for all aspects of the counseling profession. She was consistent with this message regardless of the setting she was in. This year’s nominee is congruent in that same way. She leads successful efforts and finds ways to give the credit to others, satisfied with the success of a given program, and not needing public acknowledgement.”  Another supported stated: “she has touched the lives of more individuals than we could hope to identify”. “She serves as a valuable model of how much one person can do”.




Dr. Melanie Drake-Wallace

Distinguished Professional Service Award


Melanie Drake-Wallace won the Distinguished Professional Service Award.  The Distinguished Professional Service Award is given (a) to honor and recognize outstanding service at the local, state, or national level that reflects a significant contribution to the professional concerns of ALCA, and (b) to stimulate future service for the well-being of the profession.  Nominees for this category must be a current member of ALCA, offer services with the primary intent of benefiting or giving assistance to others rather than for personal gain and that is of interest to one or more of ALCA divisions, and have scholarly or scientific accomplishments that benefit the public in general.


This year’s winner has a professional vita that is quite lengthy, as is typical of the winners of this award. I will take a few moments to try and mention just a few of the many contributions this individual has made to our profession. Her professional service efforts directly reflect the counseling profession at large through her involvement in both the Alabama Counseling Association and the American Counseling



Divisions to which her services relate include the Alabama Association for Counselor Education & Supervision, the Alabama Mental Health Counselors Association, Alabama Association for Specialists in Group Work, and the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Issues in Counseling in Alabama. She has served as ALCA President (2011-2012); ALCA Historian (2010-2011); and former Chair of ALCA’s Chi Sigma Iota Committee.  She is a current a member of the ACA Government Affairs Committee. In addition, she was elected as one of only four Regional Representatives serving on the ACA Governing Council. The Southern Region is ACA’s largest region and represents 20,000 members across 13 states plus Latin America.


This individual has represented ALCA by participating in ACA’s Institute for Leadership Training (ILT) in Washington, DC for the past four years (2010-2014). During her time at the ILT, she met with members of Congress and their staff to lobby for legislation in the areas of mental health services within Medicaid and TriCare, as well as for school and career counseling services. The skills she learned and perfected on Capitol Hill have served her quite well in her work in Montgomery where she has worked with colleagues to protect the rights of professional counselors and counselor educators in response to the Health Care Rights of Conscience Act. She has witnessed first-hand the positive outcome that can result from forming and nurturing relationships with state legislators.


This year’s winner is also passionate about expanding opportunities for Alabama professional counselors in rural areas so as to strengthen and improve the quality of services available to individuals with limited access to professional counselors. She has also devoted efforts to expand the opportunities for professional counselors within the Veterans Administration. Her career is easily defined by her desire to teach, mentor, and develop others. Through her classes, presentations, and training sessions, she has distinguished herself as a person dedicated to professional development and service. She cares about her students and their professional growth and progress. And she cares about the counseling profession and its obligation to produce and maintain effective counselors. Her professional development activity and active involvement in her professional associations has been extensive. Her public service and service to the profession are truly amazing. She has been a counselor since 2005 and a professor since 2007. One of her supporters said it well in writing “She is an excellent counselor, an outstanding educator, an effective leader, and the perfect choice for the Distinguished Professional Service Award.”



Dr. Stephanie Puleo

Jean Cecil Distinguished Counselor Educator Award


Stephanie Puleo, ALGBTICAL member and recently retired counseling professor from the University of Montevallo, won the Jean Cecil Distinguished Counselor Educator Award.  The nominees for this category must be an ALCA member and current or retired counselor educator in the state of Alabama college or university system.  The nominees have a history of contributing to counselor training through teaching, publishing, presenting, and supervising at the national, regional, state and local levels. 


This year’s Outstanding Counselor Educator has been described as an exceptionally talented scholar, teacher and mentor and one who exemplifies the qualities and spirit of Dr. Jean Cecil. An accomplished therapist already, our winner began her career as a counselor educator in 1991 while a doctoral student and was mentored by none other than …Dr. Jean Cecil.  She was hired first hired as an Assistant Professor in 1993 in a neighboring state and in 1997 returned to Alabama where she quickly progressed to the rank of full professor. She taught for 21 years until just this summer when she retired from the professor roles and duties.  She has made substantial contributions to counselor training through publications in national and state peer-reviewed journals and has written chapters in counseling textbooks.  She has been a prolific and much sought after presenter at professional counseling conferences.  Most of her presentations have demonstrated her nationally-recognized expertise in crisis intervention, the development of counseling skills among counselor trainees, and counselor supervision.  She has presented over 40 papers at professional counseling conferences. She is considered at a national level an expert in counselor supervision and she herself is a Licensed Supervisor of Marriage and Family Therapy, a Licensed Supervisor of Marriage and Family Therapy Supervision, and a Supervising Licensed Professional Counselor.


Letters of support and from former students, and counselor education colleagues demonstrate the many ways in which she has served as a mentor.  Of particular note is her dedication to involving counseling students by integrating service learning as a component of courses addressing crisis intervention. For instance, She took groups of students to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to work with persons affected by Hurricane Katrina and coordinated graduate counseling student participation in disaster recovery following Alabama tornados.  She arranged for groups of students to travel to Montgomery to participate in ALCA’s “Day on the Hill” advocacy efforts. She has demonstrated mentorship as a long time faculty advisor for the Chi Sigma Iota chapters at her Universities.  Some 17-years ago, she initiated modifications and revision to the graduate program to bring its curriculum into compliance with accreditation to CACREP standards and was instrumental in securing those standards for her University.  Her contributions in association leadership at the regional, state and national levels, including ALCA and its various divisions are too vast to list here, but her vita listed at least 11 different roles in SACES, ALACES, ALGBTICAL and Alabama Association of Marriage and Family Counseling.  Letters of support noted that she is enthusiastic, caring, dedicated, kind and an asset to the field.



Ashley Garrett

Outstanding Practitioner Award


Ashley Garrett, ALGBTICAL member, won the Outstanding Practitioner Award.  This award recognizes excellence in the actual practice of counseling.  School, community, and private practice counselors are eligible, and beyond proof of professional credentialing, being a current member in good standing with state and/or national accrediting bodies, spending at least 50% of their time performing direct services, and publishing, presenting, or otherwise educating other practitioners about successful practices or theories. Nominees are asked to demonstrate the ability to relate to a diverse population, the use of effective counseling skills, the ability to facilitate development in the clients/students/groups they serve, and exceptional ethical behavior.


This year’s winner has a list of accomplishments that are quite outstanding. After reviewing the numerous letters of support and her professional vita and the nomination letter it is clear that this person is deserving of this nomination. This particular individual is the owner of a counseling and consulting firm with satellite offices in three locations covering eight counties. She and a large team of professionals offer a wide range counseling, assessment, educational and consulting services to the local community. She is a licensed professional counselor and is currently working towards her certification as a registered play therapist. This nominee works with children, adolescents, adults, couples and college students. She not only works with diverse populations but she promotes and provides education for other counselors in dealing with these populations. She uses evidence based techniques and assessments to determine needed services for anyone seeking help or desiring personal growth. She is in the process of designing and building a facility that will house play therapy rooms, and indoor and outdoor therapy spaces for adults and children. This facility will also serve as a training center for graduate students as well as professionals for ongoing education.  She is an active member of ALCA where she served as the state historian. She is also an active member of her local Chapter, Chapter V where she also served as historian and awards chair.


This nominee’s involvement in the community is extensive. She works with the Calhoun County Quality Assurance Team, the Calhoun County Juvenile Drug Court Program, and the Calhoun County Christian Women’s Job Core Program. She also volunteers for the local Community Care Garden which provides emotion management and basic problem solving skills for children and parents through a local Kids Garden sponsored by the area Farmers Market.  In addition to her extensive community involvement and outreach this individual serves as a site practicum and internship supervisor for Jacksonville State University’s Educational Resources Department and the Department of Psychology. She also serves on the Counselor Education Program Advisory Council.

The letters of support for this nominee were very impressive. Just to quote a few statements made by her peers and colleagues: 


“I have met a number of licensed professional counselors in the State of Alabama and none that show the combination of expertise, enthusiasm and compassion as this individual”


“In the years that I have known this individual she has consistently demonstrated excellent therapeutic skills, a profound empathy for others and creative problem solving skills all within an attitude of teamwork, cooperation and an acceptance of the diversity of others”.



Kelli Lassetter (Chapter V President)

Chapter/Division Program Award


Kelli Lassetter, ALGBTICAL Past President and current Chapter V PResident, won the Chapter/Division Program Award on behalf of Chapter V for its program entitled “Keeping the Workplace Alive: How to De-escalate/negotiate volatile situations” held at Jacksonville State University.


Dr. Angela Stowe (ALGBTICAL President)

Chapter/Division Outstanding Member Award


ALGBTICAL chose Angela Stowe for the Chapter/Division Outstanding Member Award.


2013 Award Winners


Dr. Melanie Drake Wallace

Fannie Cooley Award for Distinguished Professional Development

Melanie Drake Wallace, ALGBTICAL member and ALCA Past President, won the Fannie Cooley Award for Distinguished Professional Development.


Dr. Jamie Satcher

Distinguished Professional Service Award

Jamie Satcher, ALGBTICAL Past President and current ALGBTICAL Workshop Chair, won the Distinguished Professional Service Award.  Jamie recently retired as a Counselor Educator at the University of Alabama.


ALGBTICAL Website (Michael Lebeau, Web Manager)

Chapter/Division Service Award

Michael Lebeau, ALGBTICAL Past President and current ALGBTICAL Public Relations Chair, won the Chapter/Division Service Award for creating and managing the ALGBTICAL Website.  Michael is a Career Counselor at Birmingham-Southern College.


Dr. Harriett Schaffer (ALGBTICAL Member)

Chapter/Division Outstanding Member Award

ALGBTICAL chose Harriett Schaeffer for the Chapter/Division Outstanding Member Award.


2012 Award Winners


Dr. Lynn Boyd

Wilbur Tincher Award for a Humanitarian & Caring Person


The recipient of this award has demonstrated her caring and commitment to the community through her affiliation with the Black Belt Commission.  The mission of the Black Belt Commission is to improve the lives of the people who live and work in the Black Belt region.  Families in the Black Belt region are challenged by various socioeconomic issues, poverty, and unemployment. She was appointed as Chair of the Families Committee of the Black Belt Commission by Governor Bob Riley.  She focused her attention on women, specifically single women.  She worked to affect change on the micro-level and provide families with resources that will directly benefit them.  In addition she sponsored outreach programs for those in need, organizing a food drive to the Montgomery Area Food Bank as well as a gift drive for Operation Santa.

This year’s Wilbur A. Tincher Humanitarian and Caring Person Award is an Assistant Professor at Troy University Montgomery in the Counseling department and supervises intern and practicum students as well as maintaining the department’s website pertaining to internship, practicum, and comprehensive exams. She was nominated by Chapter VII.



Dr. Jamie Satcher

Fannie Cooley Award for Distinguished Professional Development


The winner of this award has a long record of professional activity and continued professional development.  He has contributed significantly to the professional development of counselors in Alabama through presentations made at professional workshops and conferences.  He has engaged in substantial developmental efforts that have strengthened, expanded, enhanced, improved, and extended the profession of counseling.  He has also advocated on behalf of our profession and has diligently worked to improve and extend the profession through his leadership positions.  Through his activities he has broadened the horizons of the profession of counseling, sustained efforts to obtain support for the profession, made concerted efforts to promote excellence in professional practices, and made systematic efforts to improve the profession through development of methods, techniques, materials, and models.  This year’s Fannie Cooley Distinguished Professional Development Award recipient is a Professor in the Counselor Education Program at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa and was nominated by Chapter III and ALGBTICAL.


Dr. Angela Stowe

Asa Sparks New School Counselor of the Year Award


Angela Stowe is the 11th grade counselor at Mountain Brook High School. She is a licensed professional counselor and approved counseling supervisor. She attended Birmingham-Southern College where she received a degree in religion, the University of Montevallo where she received Master of Arts in counseling and guidance (higher education focus), and Auburn University where she received a doctorate in counselor education and supervision (Community and agency focus). Her background includes serving as director of youth ministries, full time therapist, higher education administrator, and counselor for students with disabilities. In her years of counseling, Dr. Stowe has given numerous presentations on topics including counseling ethics, transitioning from high school to college, advocating for individuals with disabilities and safe schools for all, including sexual minority youth. She has served as president of the Alabama Mental Health Counselors Association, as an officer for the Association of Counselor Education and Supervision, the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Issues in Counseling in Alabama, the Alabama Association for Psychological Type, and as a member of the ALCA Executive Council as liaison for Special Accommodations. Dr. Stowe adores spending time with her two children, Liam (almost 4) and Julia (20 months), and her husband of 12 years, Will, who is a veterinarian. When and if there is any time left, she values time with close friends and creative outlets such as crafts, painting, and playing the guitar. The award was given by the Alabama School Counselor Association.


Dr. Glenda Elliott

Individual Publication Award


The winning publication was published in the Alabama Counseling Association Journal, Volume 37, Number 1.  It is titled: When Values and Ethics Conflict: The Counselor’s Role and Responsibility.  It deals with the core conditions of client-centered counseling and is supported by psychodynamic, cognitive development, and behavioral theories.  A perspective is introduced that provides a resolution to the dilemma experienced by counselors and counseling students whose personal values and beliefs conflict with the ethical guidelines of the American Counseling Association.  This year’s Individual Publication Award recipient is currently an Associate Professor Emeriti and Adjunct faculty member at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the School of Education, Counselor Education Program and was nominated by ALGBTICAL.


2011 Award Winners



Dr. Glenda Elliott

Fannie Cooley Award for Distinguished Professional Development


The purposes of the Fannie R. Cooley Award for Distinguished Professional Development are to honor and recognize outstanding professional development, and to stimulate future efforts to enhance development of techniques and systems that have demonstrable benefits to counselors.


The winner of this year’s award has a long record of professional activity and long continued professional development. She has contributed significantly to the professional development of counselors in Alabama through presentations made at professional workshops and conferences. In the past 10 years alone, this individual has made 76 presentations to and conducted workshops attended by school counselors and administrators, agency and private practice counselors, counselor education students, and other helping professionals. Some of the settings include: Bradford Health Services. Employee Assistance Professionals Association.  Many, many ALCA Fall Conferences.  Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision. And, guest speaker at numerous colleges and university Counselor Education classes.


In addition to promoting the profession and the professional development of counselors through workshops and other presentations, this special person has contributed to professional development through services on the editorial boards of counseling journals. She served on the Editorial Board of The Family Journal, which is the journal of the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors. She has also served on the Editorial Board of the Alabama Counseling Association Journal and published articles that promote the professional development of counselors. Her recent work has been published in the Alabama Counseling Association Journal and the Alabama Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Newsletter.  The winner of this year’s award has served as a member at large for the ALACES Executive Council Committee. She was Chair of the Committee on Current Issues for the ALCA Executive Council in 2004 and 2005 and is the co-founder of the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Issues in Counseling of Alabama.


In addition, she is the outreach coordinator for ALGBTICAL, the Chair of the Coordinating Committee for the Alabama Safe School Coalition, the Coordinator of Training for the UAB Safe Zone Program and the Mental Health Liaison for the Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of Birmingham.  It is my pleasure and honor to announce to you this year’s winner of the Fannie R. Cooley Distinguished Professional Development Award, nominated by ALGBTICAL and Chapter IV, Dr. Glenda Elliott.


(Presented by Mark Leggett)


Michael Lebeau

Distinguished Professional Service Award


The distinguished professional service award is given to an individual who has served at the local, state or national level and brought honor and recognition not only to the individual but also to the Alabama Counseling Association.


Locally, this award’s recipient has contributed as a counselor, teacher and administrator with the University of Montevallo, the University of Alabama at Birmingham and at Birmingham Southern College. He served on the board of Equity Alabama. He was a volunteer trainer for the Birmingham Urban League, In Roads Birmingham and a coordinator and presenter for the Birmingham Youth Leadership Forum. He is a Board member of the CROP Hunger Walk and its Public Relations Chair.  At the state level, this award’s recipient is a past president (2004-5) and Budget and Finance Chair for ALCA and past president of the ALGBTICAL division (2009-10), whose formation was a result of his efforts on the Current Issues Committee. He currently serves as the ALCA Chapter Division Coordinator. He was the ALCA newsletter editor for four years, in this and other roles he upgraded and improved the quality of ALCA graphics and layout.


He has been a workshop leader for groups as diverse as the Society of Collegiate Scholars, the National Association of Black Accountants, the Association of Information Technology Professionals as well as divisions and chapters of the ALCA running sessions on career development, job market issues, leadership diversity, team building and customer service. Through his work creating and maintaining the ALGBTICAL website, this award’s recipient has an national (global) presence, supporting the mental health professionals and the public at large with resources on LGBT related issues and concerns. There is much more on his professional resume but it is clear he is as deserving of this award as he has been some others.   Nominated by ALGBTICAL and Chapter IV…This years recipient of the ALCA 2011 Distinguished Professional Service Award …is an esteemed colleague and friend.... Michael Lebeau.


(Presented by Gary Williams) 



Chapter/Division Program Award for the 2011 ALGBTICAL Winter Workshop


This award goes to the chapter/division that provided a unique or superior program for its membership.  The program must represent a significant contribution to the field of counseling and human development, and must promote increased involvement of chapter/division members in the profession.


For youth who are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, or Questioning, as well as for those who are presumed to be LGBTQ, bullying is a common concern, particularly in school settings. Additionally, suicide is a leading cause of death among youth who are LGBTQ. Media coverage of suicides among LGBTQ adolescents resulting from bullying has brought this issue to national awareness. The intent of this year’s winning division was to provide Alabama counselors in school, agency, and other settings with information and tools to better serve the needs of LGBTQ adolescents.  This particular workshop was co-sponsored by the Alabama School Counselors Association and the Alabama Safe Schools Coalition. The workshop featured nationally recognized speaker, Dr. Annelies Singh from the University of Georgia and was attended by more than 75 individuals representing numerous backgrounds in the field of counseling.  This year’s winner for Outstanding Division / Chapter Program Award goes to the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Issues in Counseling of Alabama (ALGBTICAL) for their 2011 Winter Workshop entitled “Ending LGBTQ Bullying and Suicide in School and Community Settings”.


(Presented by Gary Williams) 


Frank Hrabe

Outstanding Member Award


ALGBTICAL is pleased to announce that the Outstanding Member Award is given to Frank Hrabe, the current ALGBTICAL President for his leadership, guidance, and inspiration.


(Presented by Michael Lebeau) 


2009 Award Winners


Gloria Anderson

Wilbur Tincher Award for a Humanitarian & Caring Person

The Wilbur Tincher Award, one of ALCA's most distinguished prizes, was presented to Gloria Anderson at the Awards Breakfast, November 18, as part of the 2009 ALCA Fall Conference. The Wilbur Tincher Award for a Humanitarian and Caring Person is given to honor a person whose activities contribute to the philanthropic and humanitarian needs of the community and who gives without fanfare or expectation of reward.

Gloria Webb Anderson was nominated for this award based on the evidence that she fulfills the purpose for which the award was established: to recognize those “who genuinely care for the welfare of others and who care about social issues and problems.”  In all her professional and volunteer endeavors and service she has “been observed in unselfish involvement over a period of time in a cause or situation that benefits others.”  As a counselor and the Director of Student Services in the Mountain Brook Schools, Gloria Anderson’s caring for children and adolescents and their families was extraordinary as attested to by the enclosed letter from Dr. Dale Wisely and the Birmingham News article following her retirement in 2006, “A champion of teens to retire”.  She was described by then chairman of the Mountain Brook Board of Education in this way: “She probably has more understanding of teenagers than just anybody else I know…and also has great understanding of their parents and knows that both sides want to do the right thing, and sometimes they just need a little help in getting nudged in the right direction.” This description reflects well the award’s definition of caring as “empathizing with another while effecting change in the other’s feelings or behavior, not merely expressing concern."

In her position as Director of Student Services, Gloria became concerned about students who are sometimes if not often stigmatized because they are - or are perceived to be - gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. Her concern took the form of persuading the Superintendent of Schools to hold an in-service training in 2004 for school personnel on issues related to sexual minority youth. It was believed this was the first in-service training on this topic offered for school administrators and counselors in the state. In the previous year, Gloria  participated in a session at the ALCA Fall Conference in 2003 on “Creating Safe Schools for Sexual Minority Youth.” In 2004 she participated in an update on this topic at the ALCA Fall Conference, followed by a presentation on “Counseling Sexual Minority Youth” at the 2007 ALCA Fall Conference. She has also participated in the UAB Summit for School Counselors on this topic as well as making presentations in workshops and in-service programs for several local school systems.

In 2007, Gloria continued her efforts to create safer environments in our schools for sexual minority youth by becoming a member of the coordinating committee of the Alabama Safe Schools Coalition (ASSC), a coalition of organizations committed to the development of policies and practices that would ensure safe schools for all students, including sexual minority youth. In the workshops presented by the ASSC, her particular focus is on the ethical and legal issues related to safe schools. The many presentations Gloria has made, including her involvement in the ASSC, clearly demonstrate her willingness to take a stand and be an advocate for a segment of our society which is often subjected to social injustice, discrimination, and abuse.

Extending her caring and humanitarian efforts into the larger community, Gloria volunteers as a docent at the Birmingham Museum of Art where she conducts tours mostly composed of students from public schools. Many of the students come from impoverished backgrounds and have never seen an art museum. In this role, she endeavors to provide students a welcoming, encouraging, and exciting introduction to art and the Museum’s holdings, expanding and enriching their lives. Other community involvement in humanitarian and caring service is reflected in Gloria’s service on the Board of Directors of the YWCA of Central Alabama, whose stated purpose is “to create a more caring community” by “a diverse group that identifies and responds to the needs of women of all races and religions”. Gloria continues to give ongoing and strong support to the YWCA’s programs that provide child care, domestic violence services, and affordable housing.  In all the ways described, Gloria Anderson has shown her willingness to give of herself unselfishly “without expectation of reward or recognition” in courageous acts of caring and humanitarian service “over a period of time in a cause or situation that benefits others.”


2008 Award Winners


Frank Hrabe
Wilbur A. Tincher Humanitarian and Caring Person Award


Gary Williams
Outstanding Practitioner Award 


Dr. Paul Hard
Distinguished Professional Service Award

For his work in electronically compiling ALCA Journals (1974-2006) and making them available to ALCA members on compact disk. Paul wishes to acknowledge the contributions  of his partner, David Fancher, with whom he would like to share this award.


Dr. Jamie Satcher and Dr. Mark Leggett
Individual Publication Award
For their further research on homonegative attitudes among Alabama counselors


Dr. Jamie Satcher
Outstanding Member Award For ALGBTICAL Division

2008 Equality Alabama Award Winner

Dr. Glenda Elliott   

Each year Equality Alabama presents awards to deserving people and organizations whose activities contribute to the LGBT community and to the advancement of LGBT causes.

The awards include the Board Chair Award, Vanguard Award, Leadership Award, Education Award, Youth Leadership Award, Merit Award, and Allies Award.


The 2008 David White Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Glenda Elliott.


ALGBTICAL is pleased that this distinguished award was given to Glenda Elliott. We are proud of her impressive accomplishment.  She is most deserving.




Equality Alabama Awards Ceremony (Slow load, please be patient)
ALGBTICAL Tribute to Glenda Elliott


2007 Award Winners

Ms. Anita Neuer

Wilbur A Tincher Award for a Humanitarian & Caring Person   

The Wilbur A. Tincher Award for a Humanitarian and Caring Person recognizes an ALCA member who gives to others without fanfare or expectation. This award includes a $100 grant as a personal witness to his love and admiration for those who genuinely care for the personal welfare of others and social justice.

This year’s winner esteemed by colleagues and friends embodies the key words CARING and HUMANE.

Nominated by ALASGW and ALMHCA

Ms. Harriet Schaffer

Fannie R. Cooley Award for Distinguished Professional Development

The Fannie R. Cooley Award recognizes outstanding professional development designed to enhance the techniques, strategies, and systems beneficial to counselors. This award includes a $100.00 grant as a personal testimony of her love and admiration for the genuine care and concern for the professional development of counselors.

This year’s winner served as a Member of the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling from 2001 to 2006 with a sincere and committed effort to make positive changes in the future directions of counselor licensure in Alabama, as well as to protect the rights of clients and the public from unethical practice.

Nominated by ALACES, ALASGW, ALMHCA & Chapter IV


Ms. Anita Neuer

ALCA Outstanding Practitioner Award

The Outstanding Practitioner Award recognizes excellence in school, community, or private practice counseling.

This year’s winner is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and approved Supervising Counselor in private practice in Birmingham, AL. Co-owner/consultant with Work Life Consulting specializing in the delivery of teambuilding, leadership development, and employee retention services for small to medium-sized organizations. An active member of the American Society for Training and Development, the Society for Human Resources Management, the Alabama Association for Psychological Type, and the Alabama Mental Health Counselor’s Association.



Ms. Kassie Doggett

ALCA Chapter/Division Program Award

The Chapter/Division Publication Award recognizes the unique and superior program of significant interest to the counseling profession particularly ALCA and its members.

This year’s winning program “ALMHCA Winter Workshop” entitled “Ethical, Legal, and Professional Considerations in Supervision, Education, and Research” was specifically designed to enhance the supervisors’ and counselor educators’ skills in the professional development of students and supervisees.

Nominated by ALMHCA President


Dr. Jamie Satcher & Dr. Mark Leggett

ALCA Research Award

The Research Award is presented to honor and recognize outstanding research in areas of interest to the counseling; particularly, to members of ALCA and its chapters and divisions, as well as to stimulate future research.

This year’s winning research titled “Homonegativity Among Alabama Counselors” was designed to examine the prejudicial attitudes toward homosexuality among ALCA members as well as explore potential unethical behavior among counselors serving this population.

Nominated by AGLBICAL, ALACES, ALMHCA, & Chapter III


2006 Award Winners

Dr. Jamie Satcher

Jean H. Cecil Distinguished Counselor Educator Award:  

The purposes of the Jean H. Cecil Distinguished Counselor Educator Award are to (a) honor and recognize an ALCA member and counselor educator who has been an exemplary mentor for counselors, (b) encourage continued excellence among counselor educators, and (c) provide ALCA the opportunity to show appreciation for outstanding counselor training efforts and accomplishments.  

The nominee must have a history of contributing to counselor training through teaching, publishing, presenting, and supervising at the national, regional, state and local levels, as well as, diverse leadership positions within the ALCA and beyond.  The nominee should be a person who has brought great attention, respect and admiration to counseling programs in Alabama through personal and professional work. This year’s winning nomination packet contained NINE, strong letters of recommendation from colleagues, peers, program chairs, and past students.  There were averaged student course evaluations from classes he taught where nearly every score was a 5 (or close to 5) on a 5 point Likert scale on items like:

-- Stimulated me to think in new or creative ways.
-- Encouraged me to develop and nurture my interests, strengths, and talents.
-- Challenged me by the readings, discussion, and content of the course.

Our winner has been published nationally, as author or co-author at least 36 times and numerous other times in state and regional publications. He has been a prolific presenter delivering more than 70 sessions on state, regional, national, and international stages.  One letter stated: “at the risk of appearing trite, I will paraphrase the comments of former Senator Lloyd Benson by stating…I knew Jean Cecil.  I worked with her.  I know the kind of professional person she would find worthy of a recognition bearing her name”.  She went on to note the comparative accomplishments and agendas of our winner.  More than one spoke to his “patience”, “ease” and “cool” in the face of intense schedules, a myriad of responsibilities and departmental pressures.  Others mentioned the same theme, but rather the focus on professional life, they identified with these traits in his personal life writing “He is not only a strong supporter of his students, but an example of how to handle life”.

Mr. Michael Lebeau

Fannie R. Cooley Award for Distinguished Professional Development

This award recognizes the professional development of an individual.  Professional development is defined as the intentional strengthening, expansion, enhancement, improvement and extension of the profession.  This is the first year the award bears Fannie Cooley’s name, and the initial funds she provided for this award to offer the recipient a $100.00 grant serve as a personal witness to her love and admiration for those who genuinely care about professional development for counselors.

The nominators for this year’s winner easily provided the committee with thorough documentation, including several outstanding letters of recommendation, a 4-page single-spaced vita with absolutely no “fluff”, and 4 pages of itemized accomplishments demonstrating activities which broadened applications of and opportunities for the profession, a record of long-continued substantive work far beyond the call of duty to improve professional practices, and consistent, prodigious service to others.  Indeed, no one in this room would have trouble finding evidence that this person clearly embodies the spirit of this award. The winner of this award works proactively to promote the field of counseling and human development.  He quickly emerges as a leader within the professional organizations he joins, and eagerly takes on responsibility to carry out the mission of the group.  He is vocal about his beliefs, and actively advocates for diverse populations.  He is committed to helping educate and develop our field by regularly serving as a skilled and engaging presenter.  He diligently develops promotional material, informative resources and curriculum for on-going professional development.  He has served our organization in a variety of leadership roles over the years, and he would tell you that he intentionally gives of himself to the profession because “it’s just the right thing to do”.  He is a natural mentor, a dedicated leader, and one of the most congruent models of excellence I have had the privilege to know.  Besides all that, he’s just a pretty amazing guy.  Nominated by AGLBICAL and Chapter IV, please join me in congratulating this year’s recipient of the Fannie R. Cooley Award for Distinguished Professional Development, my trusted colleague and dear friend, Mr. Michael Lebeau.

(Presented by Awards Committee Co-Chair, Anita Neuer)

Representative Alvin Holmes

Distinguished Legislative Service Award
This award recognizes the outstanding legislative work of an ALCA member or active legislator. The winner has been a public servant for over 30 years, and has been a strong voice for the equality of all Alabamians.  He has been a sponsor of legislation to remove racist language from our state constitution, and in 1999, introduced a bill to add sexual orientation to the already existing hate crimes law in Alabama.  He has re-introduced the bill every year, and while it has not yet become part of the law, it has gained significant support and a companion bill in the state senate has been introduced.  This State Representative has said that those who commit crimes should be punished; and like the crimes committed against someone based on race, religion, color, ethnicity or national origin; those who commit crimes based upon sexual orientation should face a severe sentence.  His support of this legislation for seven years and his commitment to the future speak directly to the common values, bylaws and ethical conduct standards of our Association. 
Representative Alvin Holmes was nominated by AGLBICAL.  Representative Holmes was was not on hand, and Donna Melder, AGLBICAL President, received the award for him.

AGLBICAL Website, Web Manager, Mr. Michael Lebeau

Chapter/Division Service Award

This award was amended this year to recognize a particularly unique or valuable service provided for the chapter/division membership AND/OR their local community. The service must be other than those provided through publications and programs, and must promote increased member involvement in professional aspects of the counseling and human development field. 
This year’s winner not only clearly provides an important service to members AND the community, but provides an outstanding resource that is more than substantial for already well-informed audiences at a state, National, even International level.  This vast, attractive and well-organized resource is organized into categories such as: Glossary of Terminology, Frequently asked questions, Myths and Misconceptions, Quotations, Statistics, News, Activities, Events, Articles, Research, Commentary, Case studies, and MORE!  This year’s winning service can be found at WWW.AGLBICAL.ORG. The website was created to provide accurate, up-to-date, research-based material to raise awareness and understanding, and to assist in the dissemination and advancement of knowledge in the area of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues and concerns.

2005 Award Winners

Dr. Glenda Elliott

Wilbur Tincher Award for a Humanitarian & Caring Person

The Wilbur Tincher Award, one of ALCA's most distinguished prizes, was presented to Glenda at the Awards Breakfast, November 16, as part of the 2005 ALCA Fall Conference.  The Wilbur Tincher Award for a Humanitarian and Caring Person is given to honor a person whose activities contribute to the philanthropic and humanitarian needs of the community and who gives without fanfare or expectation of reward.

Dr. Glenda Elliott is a counselor educator at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  She is an Associate Professor Emerita at the UAB School of Education and is the Coordinator of the UAB Safe Zone Training. Glenda won the ALCA President's Award at the 2004 ALCA Fall Conference for her courageous efforts as the Chair of the Current Issues Committee in particular and her overall contribution to the advancement of human rights in general.


The following statement accompanied the granting of this award to Glenda: "The 2004-2005 year was a landmark year for ALCA, with the Current Issues committee being charged with exploring GLBT issues in counseling, with 2 new interest sections being formed, and finally, with both of those interest sections being approved as new Divisions of ALCA.  This year’s winner of the Wilbur Tincher award has a vita that demonstrates humanitarianism and caring for others consistently, year after year.  She has been an advocate for social change, at the grass roots levels and in leadership and mentoring.  In her work with the formation of a new Division for ALCA, she has served as a role model, shared her time, talent, and financial resources, and shared a sense of humor along the way.  She has founded or helped shepherd a number of advocacy efforts, including UAB’s Safe Zone, Birmingham Alliance of Gay, Straight, Lesbian, BiSexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth, Compassionate Listeners, Days of Equality for Equality Alabama, and most recently, one of ALCAs newest Divisions, the Association for Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Issues in Counseling in Alabama."

(Presented by Awards Committee Co-Chair, Gary Williams)


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