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Does ALGBTICAL Need a New Name?


October 2016


Recently, the ALGBTICAL board members have been discussing the possibility of adopting a more streamlined version of its title.  The new title also needed to be inclusive of the population being served and easy to pronounce.  Focusing on a more general umbrella term, rather than the various specific terms under the umbrella, seemed to be the right approach to keeping the title simple. 


After many names were considered, the name that seemed to work best was...    The Alabama Association for Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Issues in Counseling...   or ALASOGIIC.


This new name has been proposed and will be officially submitted for approval at the upcoming ALCA Executive Council meeting.  In the meantime, the officers and board members invite feedback and further discussion from all members of the division.




What's in a Name?


Dina Marble / President 2016-17


May 2016


Dina Marble became ALGBTICAL President on May 1.  Dina is a longtime ALGBTICAL member and LGBT ally.  She is school counselor at the Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham.


Michael Lebeau / President 2015-16


May 2015


Michael Lebeau served as ALGBTICAL President for the second time in the division's history.  Michael has been a member of ALGBTICAL since its inception.  He has been a member of ALCA for over 20 years.


Angela Stowe / President 2014-15


May 2014


Dr. Angela Stowe is the new ALGBTICAL President, serving for the 2014-15 administrative year.  Rounding out the ALGBTICAL Executive Board are Michael Lebeau (President Elect), Dina Marble (President Elect Elect), James Loew (Treasurer), and Patrick Faircloth (Secretary).


Angela is a Counselor at Mountain Brook High School.  She is a long-time LGBT ally who has been instrumental in starting Safe Zone programs at such places as UAB.



Kelli Lasseter / President 2013-14


May 2013


ALGBTICAL kicked off its new year on May 1.  Kelli Lasseter is the new ALGBTICAL President.  She is a Substance Abuse Counselor with the Health Services Center in Anniston. 



Joining Kelli on the board of officers is Angela Stowe (Secretary), Frank Hrabe (Treasurer),  Glenda Elliott (Regional Outreach Chair), Jamie Satcher (Workshop Chair), and Michael Lebeau (Public Relations/Communications Chair).


The Research/Project Grant Committee is comprised of Angela Stowe, Gary Williams, and Mallory KcKee.  Our Graduate Student Liaisons are Melissa Scott, Stephanie Perry, Mallory McKee, and Amber Payne.




Jessica Merchant / President 2012-13


May 2012


As of May 1, Jessica Merchant is the new ALGBTICAL President.  She is currently a Counselor at the University of Montevallo and is the Coordinator of their Safe Zone Program.


Jessica has a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education and a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Alabama.  She has field experience working in community/agency settings with adolescents and families and substance abuse treatment, in medical settings providing psychiatric assistance, and in higher education settings offering mental health counseling and LGBT support.  




"I look forward to a great year with our division of ALGBTICAL!" says Jessica.  "We have many exciting occasions happening this year in the counseling arena, politics and education in support of LGBT individuals and awareness of LGBT concerns, and I look forward working with all members of ALCA and ALGBTICAL in ensuring another successful year of community outreach and education."




Frank Hrabe / President 2011-12

August 2011


As of August 8, Frank Hrabe is the new ALGBTICAL President.  He will serve for the remainder of the 2011-12 year, replacing Jeanell Norvell.  Jessica Merchant is President-Elect.  Melissa Scott is Past President.


Frank Hrabe has agreed to serve as Interim President until May 1 when Jessica Merchant will assume the presidency.  Frank is one of the ALGBTICAL Founders and serves in regular capacity as the ALGBTICAL Treasurer.


Jeanell Norvell / President 2011-12

May 2011


As of May 1, Jeanell Norvell is the new ALGBTICAL President.  She will serve for the 2011-12 year.  Jessica Merchant is President-Elect.  Melissa Scott is now Past President.



Pictured here left to right are Jessica Merchant, Melissa Scott, and Jeanell Norvell.  Jeanell is a counselor in private practice in Montgomery.  Jessica is a counselor at the University of Montevallo.  Melissa is a counselor in private practice in Birmingham.


Lynn Boyd (picture on right) is the new Secretary.  Frank Hrabe remains as Treasurer.


ALGBTICAL Advocacy Award


January 2011


ALGBTICAL is pleased to announce its new Advocacy Award. This scholarship fund financially awards counselors who participate in professional activities that raise awareness of and advocate for sexual minorities.  ALGBTICAL is seeking eligible counseling graduate students and professionals and encouraging them to apply.


This award is intended to support research directly related to sexual minority issues, poster sessions at conferences, workshop and conference presentations, and LGBT advocacy programs. Awards winners may receive $100-$300.  Activities must promote sexual minority concerns and support the ALGBTICAL mission.


Application deadline: September 30.



New Address for ALGBTICAL Website


August 2010


As of August 2010, the ALGBTICAL website address has changed. Regular visitors to the site who have become accustomed to the original web address ( will now have to get used to using our new web address (


When the division was formed, it was named AGLBICAL (Association for Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues in Counseling of Alabama). The division eventually changed its name to ALGBTICAL (Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Issues in Counseling of Alabama). The division's name change will now be reflected in the website's new URL address.

Also, with the change of web address, comes a facelift for the site. Many visual and content revisions have also been made.


Melissa Scott / President 2010-11


May 2010


Melissa Scott became ALGBTICAL President for the 2010-11 term on May 1, 2010.  Joining her team are Michael Lebeau (Past President), Linda Foster (President Elect), Pamela K. Yancey (Secretary), and Frank Hrabe (Treasurer).


Michael Lebeau / President 2009-10


May 2009


As of the 2009 ALCA Spring Retreat, Michael Lebeau assumed the Presidency of ALGBTICAL. He served as President for the 2009-10 term. Michael Lebeau is a Career Counselor at UAB. He is one of the founding members of the ALGBTICAL division and has served as its Public Relations Chair. He is a Past President of ALCA.

Joining Michael Lebeau on the officer's board for the 2009-10 administration was Jamie Satcher (Past President), Melissa Scott (President Elect), Pamela K. Yancey (Secretary), and Frank Hrabe (Treasurer).

Mark Leggett is ALCA Secretary


Dr. Mark Leggett, Past President of ALGBTICAL, was elected Secretary of the Alabama Counseling Association for the 2009-10 administration.

Mark is a Counselor Educator at the University of Alabama. He is Past President of Chapter III. He recently won an ALCA Award for research that he and Jamie Satcher conducted on homonegitivity among Alabama counselors.


AGLBICAL Changes Name


New Name: Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling of Alabama


To reflect the organization's outreach to and inclusion of transgendered persons in its focus of concern, AGLBICAL members voted to officially change its name.  Also, in keeping with the national organization's recent name change, the G (Gay) and L (Lesbian) positions in the title have been transposed.  Therefore the new name of the organization is ALGBTICAL or the Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling.

The ALCA (Alabama Counseling Association) officers approved the name change by unanimous vote at the May 2, 2008 Executive Council Meeting.

The website address (URL) will remain the same for now.  Eventually, we plan to change the web address to match the name of the organization.  Also, the many pages that comprise this website will be edited so that all references to the organization will eventually be changed to the new name.  Until the transition is complete, you may see the organization referred to by both names throughout this website.


National Organization Changes Name



The national organization, the Association of Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Issues in Counseling (AGLBIC) changed its name to the Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Issues in Counseling (ALGBTIC).

The new name adds "transgender" to the title and reverses the order of "gay" and "lesbian."

Since AGLBICAL (Association of Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Issues in counseling of Alabama) is a state branch of ALGBTIC, discussion has begun locally to change the name of the Alabama branch to reflect the national organization.


Jamie Satcher / President 2008-09


Dr. Jamie Satcher became AGLBICAL President for the 2008-09 term. Jamie Satcher is a counselor educator at the University of Alabama.


Mark Leggett / President 2007-08


Dr. Mark Leggett became AGLBICAL President for the 2007-08 term.  Mark Leggett is a counselor educator at the University of Alabama.



Pictured here, left to right, are AGLBICAL officers and members: Angela Stowe, Donna Melder, Anita Neuer, Glenda Elliott, Michael Lebeau, Gary Williams, Frank Hrabe, Gary Williams, Jamie Stacher, Mark Leggett



AGLBICAL Officers (Left to Right): Angela Stowe (Secretary), Glenda Elliott (Regional Coordinator), Mark Leggett (President), Frank Hrabe (Treasurer), Jamie Satcher (Awards Chair), Michael Lebeau (Public Relations Chair)


Donna Melder / President 2006-07




Donna Melder became AGLBICAL President for the 2006-07 term.  AGLBICAL Business Meetings were held throughout the year. President Donna Melder presided. Officers recapped a meeting with AGLBIC National Officers in which Donna Melder and Frank Hrabe spoke with AGLBIC President Brian Dew.  Officers also discussed plans for the April 20, 2007 first annual AGLBICAL state conference.

Pictured here are some of the AGLBICAL Officers and Members: Donna Melder, Mark Leggett, Glenda Elliott, Jamie Satcher, Michael Lebeau, Gary Williams.


Pictured here are AGLBICAL Officers and Members: Frank Hrabe, Michael Lebeau, Angela Stowe, Paul Hard, Glenda Elliott, Donna Melder.



Paul Hard (ALCA Past President) presenting the official charter and gavel from the national organization to Donna Melder (AGLBICAL President), Frank Hrabe (AGLICAL Founder) and Glenda Elliott (AGLBICAL Founder)


New Charter Presented to AGLBICAL

Joy Whitman, National AGLBIC President, presented the new Alabama branch, AGLBICAL, with its charter and ceremonial gavel at the ACA Convention in Montreal.  Paul Hard, ALCA President, represented AGLBICAL and received the charter and gavel.

Pictured with ALCA President, Paul Hard (wearing a red tie), are Joy Whitman, AGLBIC President, and Susan
Seem & Ed Cannon, Co-Chairs of AGLBICís Branch Chapter Committee 


First Organizational Meeting

AGLBICAL officers and members met on Wednesday, January 25, 2006 in Birmingham.  The agenda focused on on upcoming activities and organizational plans. AGLBICAL's strategic plan was discussed. Four major goals were identified:

1. Present a statewide workshop

2. Provide services and resources to counselors

3. Create and maintain a website

4. Increase membership to 100 by 2007



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Association for Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender Issues in Counseling of Alabama