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News Commentary
National News Reports
Global Perspectives: LGBT News World Wide
It Gets Better: New LGBT Youth Suicide Prevention Campaign
President Obama Supports Same Sex Marriage

Grad Student Sues Counselor Education Program
High School Proms in the South & Same Sex Date Policies
World News: Anti-Gay Campaign in Uganda, Pro-Gay TV Ad in France
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Jane Lynch, Star of Glee, Gets Married
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Meredith Baxter, Portia De Rossi, George Takei, Lance Bass, Elton John, Sheryl Swoopes
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LGBT News in Your Community
Human Rights Campaign
Huffington Post: Queer Voices

Gay Rights / Change
Same Sex Living
Gay Agenda
Out And About
Queer Cafe

Advocate Magazine
Lavender Magazine
Lesbian News

365 Gay National Daily Gay Newspaper On-Line
Gay People's Chronicle
Curve Magazine
Gay.Com Global GLBT Portal
Gay & Lesbian International News Network

Gay Today

Metro Weekly
All Things Queer: All News



Alabama LGBT News
Gay in Alabama: LGBT Guide to the Heart of Dixie
Homonegativity Among Alabama Counselors

Focus on the Family Comes to Birmingham
Being Gay in Alabama
Alabama Safe Schools Coalition
LGBT Articles from ALCA Journal
Hate Mail Sent to Alabama Counselors

Alabama Active: LGBT Resource Guide




About the ALGBTICAL Division
What is the Mission of ALGBTICAL?

Meet the Current ALGBTICAL Officers

Latest News and Updates from ALGBTICAL
Current Activities of ALGBTICAL

How to Become an ALGBTICAL Member
Learn About the History of ALGBTICAL
ALGBTICAL Takes a Stand
Overview of ALGBTICAL



ALGBTICAL Newsletters

ALGBTICAL Advocacy Award
ALGBTICAL Members Attend ALCA Fall Conference
ALGBTICAL Members are Award Winners
at ALCA Conference
ALGBTICAL Members Involved in the Community
Notes About ALGBTICAL's First Anniversary
Highlights From ALGBTICAL's First Reception at ALCA Conference

Survey Reveals Homonegativity Among Alabama Counselors

LGBT-Friendly Counselor List

LGBT Topics Speaker List

ALGBTICAL Leadership Tools



Is Reparative Therapy Harmful?
LGBT Youth and Suicide
Information and Commentary on the Domestic Partner Issue

ALGBTICAL Position Statement on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
LGBT Scenarios and Case Studies
Incidents of Bullying are Widespread
Missionaries of Hate
Famous LGBT Persons Past and Present
Origins of Homosexuality: Nature vs. Nurture
LGBT Health and Medical Issues
Hospital Visitation Rights for LGBT Patients and Their Families
Comments and Information About Gay Marriage
Should Gays Be Allowed to Serve in the Military?
LGBT Myths and Misconceptions
Becoming an LGBT Ally or Advocate
How Can You Start a Safe Zone Program at Your School?
How Can We Overcome LGBT Stereotypes?
LGBT Pride Parades, Festivals and Other Events

What is the Bear Community?
Women's Issues: Feminism and Lesbianism
Relationship Issues
What is the Latest Definition of a Family?
Are You Gay Curious or Questioning?
Is Religion and Homosexuality Compatible?
Leisure, Recreation, and Travel
Inspiring Stories of Local Heroes
Should LGBT Couples Be Allowed to Adopt Children?
What About Same Sex Domestic Violence and Abuse?
Straight Men Having Gay Sex
Civil Rights or Human Rights


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