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Famous LGBT People

Socrates / Greek Philosopher, 400 BC
Sappho / Greek Woman Poet, 600 BC
Aristotle / Greek Philosopher, 384-322 BC


Michelangelo / Italian Artist, 15th C
Leonardo Da Vinci / Italian Artist and Scientist, 15th C
Christopher Marlowe / English Playwright, 16th C


Alexander the Great / Macedonian Ruler, 300 BC
Peter the Great / Russian Czar, 17th-18th C
Frederick the Great / King of Prussia



Francis Bacon / English Statesman and Author
T.E. Lawrence / English Soldier and Author
Lord Byron / English Poet
Walt Whitman / US Poet and Author
Oscar Wilde / Irish Author
Marcel Proust / French Author
Gertrude Stein / US Poet and Author
Alice B. Toklas / US Author
James Baldwin / US Author
Herman Melville / US Author
Willa Cather / US Author
Langston Hughes / US Author
E.M. Forster / English Author
Hans Christian Andersen / Danish Author
Ralph Waldo Emerson / US Author
Virginia Woolf / English Author
Tennessee Williams / US Playwright
Rainer Maria Rilke / German Poet
Edward Albee / US Playwright
Armistead Maupin / US Writer
Rita Mae Brown / US Novelist
Gore Vidal / US Novelist
Allen Ginsberg / US Poet
W.H. Auden / English Poet
Truman Capote / US Writer

Maurice Sendak / US Writer

P.L. Travers / English Writer (Mary Poppins)


Katherine Lee Bates / US Songwriter (America the Beautiful)

Cole Porter / US Composer
Leonard Bernstein / US Composer
Peter Tchaikovsky / Russian Composer
Dave Koz / US Jazz Musician

Melissa Etheridge / US Rock Star
Amy Ray & Emily Saliers / US Musicians (Indigo Girls)
Elton John / English Rock Star
Janis Joplin / US Singer
George Michael / English Pop Star
Boy George / English Pop Star  
Ani DiFranco / US Musician
Brian Epstein / English Music Manager for the Beatles
David Geffen / US Music Producer

Liberace / US Pianist and Entertainer
Michael Stipe / US Rock Star (Lead Singer of REM)
Joan Baez / US Musician
Tracy Chapman / US Musician

KD Lang / US Musician
Rufus Wainwright / US Musician
Lance Bass / US Musician (N'Sync)
Brandi Carlisle / US Musician
Clay Aiken / US Musician (American Idol)

Chely Wright / US Musician (Country Music)

Ricky Martin / US Pop Star

Rudolf Nuryev / Russian Ballet Dancer
Andy Warhol / US Artist

Keith Haring / US Painter

Annie Leibovitz / US Photographer

Tommy Tune / US Tap Dancer & Broadway Star

Frida Kahlo / Mexican Painter

Robert Mapplethorpe / US Photographer

Josephine Baker / US Dancer

Isadora Duncan / US Dancer

Bronislava Nijinska / Russian Dancer

Vaslav Nijinsky / Russian Dancer

Isaac Mizrahi / US Fashion Designer

Nate Berkus / US Interior Designer

Tim Cook / CEO of Apple Computers

John M. Keynes / English Economist
John Browne / CEO of BP Oil Company

Robert Hanson / CEO of American Eagle Outfitters

Joseph Evangelisti / CCO of JP Morgan Chase

Peter Thiel / Co-Founder of PayPal


Eleanor Roosevelt / US Stateswoman
Harvey Milk / US Politician
Roberta Achtenburg / US Politician
Barney Frank / US Congressman (MA)
Gerry Studds / US Congressman (MA)

Steve Gunderson / US Congressman (WI)
J. Edgar Hoover / US Director of the FBI
Dag Hammerskjold / Swedish UN Secretary
Patricia Todd / Alabama Legislator
Tammy Baldwin / US Congresswomen (WI)

Jim Kolbe / US Congressman (AZ)

Jared Polis / US Congressman (CO)

Mark Takano / US Congressman (CA)

Jim McGreevey / New Jersey Governor

Sam Adams / Portland OR Mayor

Annise Parker / Houston TX Mayor

David Cicilline / Providence RI Mayor

David Young / Judge

Gene Robinson / US Episcopal Bishop
Mel White / President & Founder of SoulForce

Tammy Smith / US Army General

Reichen Lehmkuhl / US Air Force Officer

Gary Ross / US Navy Officer

Dan Choi / US Army Officer


Bayard Rustin / US Civil Rights Activist w MLK
Angela Davis / US Political Activist
Candace Gingrich / US Gay Rights Activist
Kate Kendell / NCLR Executive Director
Ruth Ellis / US Civil Rights Activist (1899-2000)

Susan B. Anthony / US Women's Suffrage Activist

Sarah McBride / US Trans Activist


Martina Navratilova / US Tennis Player
Greg Louganis / US Olympic Swimmer
Billie Jean King / US Tennis Player
Sheryl Swoopes / US WNBA Basketball Player

Jason Collins / US NBA Basketball Player

Michael Sam / US NFL Football Player

Brian Boitano / US Olympic Figure Skater

Esera Tuaolo / US NFL Football Player
John Amaechi / US NBA Basketball Player
Orlando Cruz / Puerto Rican Boxer

Tom Daily / British Olympic Diver

Abby Wamback / Olympic Soccer Player

Belle Brockhoff / US Olympic Snowboarder

Caitlyn Jenner / US Olympic Runner

Alfred Kinsey / Researcher, Father of Sexology (1894-1956)
Magnus Hirschfeld / German Physician and Sexologist (1868-1935)
Alan Turing / British Mathematician (1912-1954)

Michael Foucault / French Philosopher, Sociologist, and Educator (1926-1984)
Deirdre McCloskey / Economist and Economic Historian
Sally Ride / American Physicist and Astronaut (1951-2012)

Rachel Maddow / US News Commentator (MSNBC)
Anderson Cooper / US Newscaster (CNN)
Suze Orman / US Financial Expert & TV Host

Don Lemon / US News Anchor (CNN)
Sam Champion / US TV Weatherman (Good Morning America)

Robin Roberts / US Talk Show Host (Good Morning America)

Stephanie Miller / US Talk Show Host

Janet Mock / US Magazine Editor (People.Com)

Shepard Smith / US Newscaster (FOX News)



James Dean / US Film Actor
Montgomery Clift / US Film Actor
Rock Hudson / US Film Actor
Tab Hunter / US Film Actor

Ellen Degeneres / US Actor and Comedian
Lily Tomlin / US Actor and Comedian
B.D. Wong / US Actor
Margaret Cho / US Comedian
Rosie O'Donnell / US Comedian and Actor
Suzanne Westenhofer / US Comedian
Sandra Bernhardt / US Comedian and Actress
Siegfried and Roy / US Entertainers
Dick Sargent / US Television Actor (2nd Darrin on Bewitched)
Robert Reed / US Television Actor (Mike Brady on Brady Bunch)
John Waters / US Film Maker
Portia de Rossi / US Television Actor
Jodie Foster / US Film Actor & Director



Rupert Everett / English Actor
David Hyde Pierce / US Television Actor
Graham Chapman / English Actor (Monty Python)
Richard Chamberlain / US Actor
George Takei / US Actor (Star Trek)
Cynthia Nixon / US Television Actor (Sex And The City)
Neil Patrick Harris / US Television Actor (Doogie Howser)
Wanda Sykes / US Comedian and Actor
Cherry Jones / US Actor
Meredith Baxter / US Television Actor (Family Ties)

Kelly McGillis / US Movie Actor

John Barrowman / US and UK Actor

Kristy McNichol / US Movie and TV Actor

Lindsey Lohan / US Movie Actor

Chris Colfer / US Television Actor (Glee)
Jim Parsons / US Television Actor (Big Bang Theory)

Doug Spearman / US Film Actor

Heather Peace / English Actor, Sing, Songwriter

Gillian Anderson / US TV Actor (X Files)

Victor Garber / US Movie Actor (Argo, Titanic, Godspell)

Jim Nabors / US TV Actor (Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle)

Raven Symone / US TV Actor (Cosby Show)

Ellen Page / US Movie Actor (Juno)

Laverne Cox / US Trans TV Actor (Orange is the New Black)

Mary Cheney / Daughter of US Vice President, Dick Cheney
Chrissy Gephardt / Daughter of US Senator, Richard Gephardt

Chaz (Chastity) Bono / Son (Daughter) of Sonny & Cher

Jaden Smith / Son of Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith

Brandi Burgess / Daughter of Rick Burgess (Rick & Bubba Show)


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