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LGBT-Friendly Counselors

ALGBTICAL is pleased to provide a list of counselors who are knowledgeable of LGBT issues and who are sensitive to the needs and concerns of LGBT individuals. If you are in need of a resources for yourself or for another person needing to talk with an affirming and open counselor regarding LGBT concerns, please contact us.  As a service, we offer to individuals, counselors, teachers, social workers, employers, parents, and others the names of Alabama counselors who have agreed to be identified as a professional resource regarding clients and students seeking information and therapeutic assistance related to sexual orientation and gender identity.


Below is a partial list of the names of LGBT-affirming counselors and therapists who have volunteered to participate in this service.  Please feel free to contact any of these LGBT-friendly counselors directly.  You can access their e-mail accounts by clicking on their name.



Ms. Kelli Lasseter

Ms. Ashley Garrett

Ms. Jessica Isbell



Dr. Harriet Schaffer

Ms. Sara Hoover

Ms. Pamela Yancey

Ms. Joanna Ware

Ms. Rhonna Phillips

Ms. Melissa Scott

Ms. Deegan Malone

Mr. Gary Williams

Ms. Allison Burnett

Dr. Melissa Werner

Ms. Samantha Willis

Ms. Stephanie Davis

Ms. Nicole Grimes

Ms. Andrea Matthews

Ms. Tiffany Alexander

Ms. Catherine Sherrill

Ms. Jane Brown

Ms. Adrienne Cooper

Ms. Jillian Littlefield

Ms. Tomekia Danne-Wilson



Ms. Melanie Campbell


Florence/Muscle Shoals

Ms. Alicia Kelly

Mr. Brian Knight

Ms. Faith Kenyon



Ms. Jane Sweeney

Ms. Beth Cook

Dr. All'wyn Graham

Ms. Delia Giselle Reeves

Ms. Kristi Gibbons

Ms. Tammy Romig



Dr. Amber Pope

Mr. Charlie Morris



Dr. Paul Hard



Heather MacLeod

Ms. Rachel Neubacher

Ms. Julia Madrid

Mr. Chris Chirino

Ms. Erin Mariah Holloway


To request information about our list of local LGBT-affirming counselors, contact ALGBTICAL via e-mail.  We have contact information about the counselors on this list and more.  Contact us by e-mail regarding your counseling need.  We will provide you the name and contact information of an appropriate counselor in your area.



Add Your Name to the List


Attention: Counselors.  If you are a counselor or therapist who works with LGBT persons and would like to be added to our LGBT-Friendly Counselor List, please download a copy of the official application form, print it out, complete it, sign it, and e-mail it to ALGBTICAL.


Once you have submitted your completed application form, it will be reviewed by the ALGBTICAL Board.  If approved, you will be added to the ALGBTICAL LGBT-Friendly Counselor List.  You can choose to have your name on the list but NOT publicly posted on this website.  Or you can choose to have your name on the list AND publicly posted on this website.


Click Here for Application Form


Service Disclaimer

Attention: Prospective Clients.  ALGBTICAL is pleased to provide a list of LGBT-friendly counselors and therapists and provide their contact information to clients seeking professional help.


This is not intended as a referral, recommendation, advertisement, or endorsement of the counseling services provided by these individuals or agencies. ALGBTICAL makes no claims on the validity or merit of the counselors and therapists listed herein and offers no guarantees as to the quality of their services. 


The counselors and therapists on our resource list are required to sign a statement verifying their professional credentials and identifying themselves as LGBT-affirming. 


The individuals and agencies on this list adhere to:

APA/ACA Code of Ethics regarding diversity awareness

APA/ACA Code of Ethics regarding sexual identity/orientation issues

APA/ACA Code of Ethics opposing imposition of personal values

APA/ACA position statements opposing reparative therapy (conversion therapy)


Please remember that, regardless of education and certifications, no one therapist is right for everyone.  It is a knowledgeable and wise consumer who will carefully seek out a therapist most appropriate for needs of the individual seeking services. 




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